Thursday, 2 September 2010

Thank you/ Marvelous makes madness challenge

Over at the SSC they was a summer swap. My partner was Claire. (She also has a lovely shop)
I was so excited to pick up a massive box this morning from the post office. Like an excited child i hurried home!!

Look at these lovely goodies:

A beautiful cushion which i was going to put in our playroom/comservatory, but the littlest came home and said ' I love it' and kissed it. Its now sitting on his bed. My eldest boy said it reminded him of the boat he has hanging in his window (He was surprised when i told him that the boat was also from Claire from a giveaway i won ages ago!!
Beautiful bunting and a lovely coffee pot warmer. Lovely smelling ice cream bubbles that were used as soon as the boys came home from school, 2 lovely candles, ice lolly moulds and a summer lantern. Plus a can of Pimms that i have chilled and am enjoying now with scones!!

Thank you Claire, you are so generous and talented. xx

Last night i made a yummy dinner for me and the hubby.
Spinach and rocket salad, with cooked beetroot, goats cheese and pine nuts. Delicious!!! Just watch the red wee the next day!!!

As you all know i love Audrey Hepburn. What would Audrey do? is one of my favourite books. So i was delighted to find this magnet the other day :)

It is always good to keep in your mind 'What would Audrey do?'



charl said...

oo well done on your giveaway.. i love the little cans of pimms..theres just enough for a nice tipple!!!>.
love that badge..audrey was fantastic wasnt she .. so chic!

Hesta Nesta said...

That box looked soooo exciting, all those lovely pressies. What wonderful gifts. I too love beetroot and have experienced the after effects!!!!.
Jo xx

Kelly said...

WOW what lovely gifts!! How sweet your littlest little boy kissing the cushion!!!
That salad looks mamzing! I love goats cheese and beetroot will have to try them together! I went to a wedding a few weeks back and ther was beetroot with roquefort and sesame seeds! looked lovely but unfortunately the midwife says I'm not allowed nice cheese!!!

belleandboo said...

really enjoyed reading this post, I don't that book I am going to look for it now

Josie-Mary said...

That's a lot of gifts...lucky you :)
The salad looks lovely x

MissisG said...

Lush salad!! Mmmm. Its so nice when you receive something that a lot of care has been put into - that box of goodies looks so nice :)

sitting oh so pretty said...

Ooohhhh lovely pressies!!! And delicious food!!xxx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Wow what a treasure box, isn't bloggy land a lovely giving place!