Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The best of this months mags...according to me!

Firstly i would like to thank Ruby for her fantastic swap parcel, i am thrilled with all my white bits!!
I got a gorgeous bag and top (below), a brooch, necklace, a beautiful heart, buttons and beads, a dvd and a lovely little Angel message card that is now on my fridge.

So on to the mags...Firstly through my door on Friday was the new CK catalogue:

Click to find out about Caths christmas.

On to Easy Living....i love kirsty Allsopp, wouldn't she be a lovely friend?

Baubles from Liberty...£18.95 each.

Great for a gift for men and boys.

I really want this!!!

I've seen this in M&S, it's gorgeous, but not sure how practical a heart shaped bowl would actually be for mixing!!

In December i am going to a masquarade ball. I have a gorgeous cocktail dress from coast and am on the look out for some gorgeous Mary Jane style silver shoes. So imagine my delight when i saw these!! perfect!!........until i looked down at the price... Jimmy Choo £355!! It's just not gonna happen. So the search is still on...

A lovely and simple christmas decoration.

Junior magazine:
I smiled when i saw this - just what i was asking in a previous post!!

I love this!!! but again..i looked at the price.. £149 from miffyshop and decided...no.

So cute...£9.95 from babeswithbabies. I reckon this is a good idea for a make too!

Special edition 50th anniversary Barbie...£62 from Hamleys

Junior does the best free gifts ever when you subscribe!!

Again, a bit too pricy for my pocket.... but i love these.

I've seen these two shows, i really would recommend them:
Peter Pan is showing at the 02 Dec 1 - Jan 10

And The Snowman at The Peacock Theatre Dec 2 - Jan 10.

I will definately see the Snowman again!

I love this beautiful candelabra £40 from BHS.

I have a slight addiction to brandy butter on mince pies at christmas time.....so these will have to be tried!!

I'm off to John Lewis tommorrow....i really hope they have this in.

A great simple wrapping idea.

And lastly...a girl can dream..........



Floss said...

Seriously tempting, all of it! My only real temptation to break the Utmost Challenge whilst in the UK was for magazines - glad you posted this AFTER I got back to France! Thanks for the lovely browse.

bekimarie said...

I fell in love with the little reindeer in Junior and wondered if I could make it. Although, I think it's a very good price anyway.
Beki xxx

Itch2stitch.com said...

Loved it all! Do you remember that Prima always had a free pattern inside. I used to really look forward to it every month and I would read it in bed! Suzie. xxx

dottydaisies said...

can i join in that dream for the front door oh how lovely that would be !!!!

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Oooh I'd like to join the 'dream front door club' too. It is lovely. Especially to me as we have been living in a building site for the past four months and it's heart-sinking to pull up outside our house at the moment!

I was very interested to see you read Junior magazine, and that someone else commented on it. I used to advertsie Cottontails in there, back when I had the high street shop too, but honestly I don't think I ever had a sale from it, just person after person after person on the phone trying to sell me more advertising. I kind of gave up on print advertising really.

Lovely to see all the ideas and inspiration - thank you!!


TheMadHouse said...

We got the M&S christmas book too and I was really disapointed in it, no fabulous little stocking fillers like the previous years. It was quite drab. I have to agree with Easy Living, now Eve has gone it is my fav mag. Oh to have a festive front door. I am going to work on it this year.

Josie-Mary said...

Great post. I've just got my CK catalogue..... loving that fact she likes tinsel!! I was talking to my friends at the weekend saying how much I loved tinsel & Christmas wasn't the same without..... they told me it was uncool!! Good enough for Cath, good enough for me!!! :)

Mary Poppins said...

I have been looking at those pretty shoes too, lovely :) Though not quite as cheap as my M&S ones at £19.50 ;) I did have a little topple when I slipped them on in the shop but soon found my feet, been a long long while since I wore heels that high, but tis like riding a bike, I love em :)

Are a little wedding anniversary present from the DH


P.S. Did you go for gold or Silver for the little booklet ;)


Caroline Cakewise said...

Haha, it looks like you had an AMAZING Hallowe'en party - I love the pictures of the little ones stuffing their faces with lots of popcorn! And thanks for all of these gorgeous finds. Oh, Jimmy Choo...!

Lululiz said...

Wow, you got a wonderful swap parcel there, full of white goodies!

Christmas magazines are great, aren't they? I love all the wonderful finds ( although most of them are frightfully expensive ), but they do give ya a lot of ideas. Aaah, and the recipes.......... yum yum yum

Susie's country cottage said...

We must have the same taste. We have the same backgrounds and I subscribe to Easy Living magazine which I love, although I do wish that Kirsty had shown us some pictures of her Christmas. When I got home from work yesterday my Cath Kidston mag was on the mat. What more could I ask for!

Kissed by an Angel said...

What a lovely swap package!! You found some great things too!!!


Florence and Mary said...

Isn't the new CK catalogue great. My SIL and I are buying the Father Christmas t-shirts for Christmas Eve!

Victoria xx

Andi's English Attic said...

What a beautiful exciting parcel. A collection of whites. It must have looked wonderful when you first opened the package.
I didn't know there was a CK mag. Is it available off the shelf or by subscription?
I loved the baubles and the 'Dorothy' apron. I have a very old (80's) Laura Ashley skirt I'm sure I could adapt. Thanks for all the pics. I'm off to find that skirt.... xx

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

What a lot of tempting things!!! I had the CK catalogue in the post and have made a huge list already.
I like the raindear from babeswithbabies.
Isabelle x

a mermaids purse said...

A wonderland of lovelies!! i love ur blog for all those little lovelies that make me smile always! christmas time is so wonderful and i love the mags at this time of year!! EXCITING!! Kirsty Allsopp im sure would make a fab friend and i always love her cheeky mannor on location location!! and i loved that hand made series she did- not surethe name of it! but i remember the screen printing wallpapers!;0).
i love all the christmas decorations and toy ideas! ;0)xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

I love Christmas magazines & catalogues too. I have already ordered (and received!) the CK Christmas tablecloth - it's fab! My excuse for buying it is that I needed another Christmassy tablecloth to use at the Vintage & Handmade Fair.


Rubyred said...

What a lovely post!The shoes are gorgeous but I'm sure you''ll find something similar and cheaper!I used to love Prima years ago for all the free patterns,gorgeous recipes too!You've got me in a Christmassy mood!
Have a great weekend
Rachel x

Florence and Mary said...

I have the May one in my diary already too!

Victoria xx

Mollye said...

And now that you're all shopped out I hope you're feeling much better. Love me a little shopping especially when I can save soooooooo much money by not buying! Mollye