Thursday, 29 October 2009

Half term...

This half term hasn't been that busy for us. I planned it that way on purpose as normally thay are packed to the brim. I really wanted some slobby mornings in our pj's and i've had lots of cleaning and sorting to do. (By the way, i love my new duster!! so pretty - from Homebase)

It's a good job not much has been planned as i've had a terrible sore throat the last few days :(

Luckily two wonderful, beautifully packaged parcels have cheered me up.
Thank you Mary... I love this gorgeous heart, it's hanging on the drawers in my bedroom. And thank you for the two lovely postcards too. xx
You can visit Marys lovely shop, Vintage Daisy, here.
Thank you Beckimarie for sending me this gorgeous christmassy heart smelling all lovely a spicy. It's hanging on the dining room door. Everytime i open it and walk past i get a gorgeous whiff!!
Becki also included a lovely scented pink candle - in my fave shade of pink and some lovely notecards. xx
You can visit Beckis lovely shop, Beckimaries, here.

For a while now i have been searching for an old Twinkle annual on ebay. They have either been too pricy or i have lost out on them. In particular this one as it's the one i most remember. I used to get these every year at Christmas from my Nan and Grandad. So this week after visiting the dentist, i walked into a charity shop i have never been to before and spotted it!!!! I actually squealed!!! I inwardly squealed to myself again when i found out it was only 20p!!!!!

I was amazaed at how much of the stories and pics i rememberd.

Aren't they so lovely? If only these types of Annuals were still around, rather than..say..Bratz!!!!



Florence and Mary said...

I collect Twinkle too, well from when I was born! I remember this one you've showed, I'll have to check what ones I'm missing so I can complete my collection.

They're so nostalgic aren't they! My nan brought mine every Christmas!

In fact I have some duplicates if you'd like them?

Victoria xx

Lululiz said...

I had never even heard of a Twinkle annual, probably because I had three boys, lol. I love the illustrations, they are so cute! Sigh, now I'll have to start looking out for one as well, just so that I can satisfy my curiosity properly.

Florence and Mary said...

Hello again,

No need to pay me for the Twinkles, they're only sitting at home gathering dust! Call them an early Christmas present!

Victoria xx

made with love said...

I remember that one too. Blimey, blast from the past. Hope you are feeling better soon.
Rachael xx

Rhiannon said...

My gran used to buy me twinkle, although for the life of me I couldn't tell you where they all are these days...

Sarah said...

I love Twinkle - I have a couple which I managed to get on Ebay. My other favourite used to be Bunty and then Mandy!

bekimarie said...

How strange, i've just picked up 5 in a CS but doubled up on one (1977) would you like it, I could pop it in the post to you.
Beki xxx

dicope said...

Hello ! I love your blog !!

I want to invite you to participate in my Giveaway !!

Kisses ^^


Esther said...

I've never heard of Twinkle! I'm sure it brought back lots of lovely childhood memories. I headed into town this morning forgetting it was half term. No wonder everywhere has been so busy lately!

MelMel said...

What pretty gifts....some ppl are just lovely lovely lovely!

I'm working on the messgae you sent...can I have your email hunni?
Then I can send links to you!xxx said...

Love the twinkle books! I used to love half terms like that, cosy in pjs watching films with the children and playing games. We used to have indoor picnics too! Hope your throat is ok! Suzie. x

Josie-Mary said...

Don't you just love that feeling when you spot something, I did the same when I saw my cutlery!
The reason why I don't like Christmas? 18 years of retail :( I have to work so many hours it's not fun. Every year I say this will be my last but I can't find anything else.
Enjoy your weekend :)

Ellie said...

Lovely blog - will call back again soon, enjoyed the read and your pictures are wonderful! PS Thanks for your kind comment on my cupcake cushion. said...

Hello again ! You asked me about the Christmas stocking. Email me if you like, I thought I did email you a while ago, but now I am wondering if I sent it to the wrong person! If you are interested in one, let me know and I will have an email caht with you! Suzie. xx said...

I think you have my email add. just incas though I have ticked that box! hope it works! suzie. x

Mary Poppins said...

Ohoo what a delightful Twinkle, I have one from when I was a little girl, shall have to keep my eye out :)

The duster is gorgeous and your little handmade with love heart looks right at home :)



Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Awwww! Twinkle!

I used to read this when I was a little girl, in the '70s. My favourite bit was about a toy hospital :-)

Thanks so much for the reminder!

Love Charlotte

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I loved those annuals when I was a child. Well done on finding one.

Caroline Cakewise said...

Oh gosh, I remember reading all of my mum's old Twinkle annuals when I was little! Must dig them out again when I get home... ! Thanks for bringing back happy memories at a time when I need them. xx