Monday, 19 October 2009

Love the weekends!!

I love this time of year!! On Saturdays, Southend Seafront hosts free firework displays.
About 4 years ago we started a tradition. We get the boys ready for bed and all bundle in the car. We drive to the seafront and drink hot chocolate whilst reading bedtime stories.

Just before the fireworks begin, we get out of the car and cuddle up under blankets. It's one of my favourite moments.

(My camera is not good at taking night shots!)
The kids fall asleep on the way back and my husband and i listen to Jack Johnson. These times are so precious - i hope it lasts for many years to come.

The boys were busy playing with boxes this weekend, as you do!!!!!
And we had a nice day in Clacton with family and friends yesterday.

Now, some bits to show you from last week. I went into Chelmsford town - one of my fave places to shop. My youngest is such a pleasure to shop with, he sits in the buggy so content (which i find very strange, because out of the buggy he is a mad child!!!!). We always have lunch at Starbucks together - he loves it there. ' Delicious!!' he tells passers by. We have to share a choc chunk shortbread too.

Here are my buys: A great frame from Tiger - £2, i plan to put some black and white pics of New York in here. Humphrey corner pj's for the littlest. A lovely little jar for the bathroom from one of the loveliest gift shops ever!!!!! Ticketty boo, no website i'm afraid.
Two books from the Oxfam bookshop. I was sooo pleased to see Jim and the beanstalk. I had forgotten about this book, but as soon as i saw it, memories of reading it as a child at school and from the library came flooding back.
A gorgeous gorgeous teatowel with tassles!!!!! in the sale at BHS. And a gorgeous CK diary. It's perfect for me - not too big, has a wipe clean cover, a little pouch and gorgeous little notes that can be ripped out to give to people.

I won an auction from LittleGem at shabbychiccafe. Here are my goodies. Thanks Gem.
The money will go to KIN.



Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

Lovely post!
We do the 'ready for bed and bundle in the car' thing too! We do it for Blackpool Lights every year and then get fish and chips on the way home :)
Our village fireworks display is on in a few weeks; my son is really looking forward to it.

Florence and Mary said...

Isn't Tiger in Chelmsford great!

I love those tea towels from BHS, I have so many teatowels and as yet no kitchen so have had to restrain myself!!!

Victoria xx

Kelly said...

Great weekend!

I LOVE Tiger! I's my first stop swap shop!!!

Lots of Love

Kelly xxx

Lissa said...

That time with your family, hot chocolate, and fireworks sounds so nice! And is that a kitchen towel with the ice cream on it? sooo cute!!

Sal said...

I bet the children loved the fireworks!
It's amazing what fun they can get from a cardboard box,isn't it?!!
Lovely goodies from LittleGem too.

Esther said...

I don't think that I have ever been shopping in Chelmsford - well apart from looing for my bridesmaid dresses! said...

I do so miss those things now the children have all grown up. Brouhgt back memories. Isn't funny how a cardboard box can seem to amuse children much more than toys sometimes! Lovely goodies too! Suzie. xxx

Kissed by an Angel said...

Family and hot chocolate - can't think of a better combination!!
Great shopping too!! Never been to Tiger, but I have heard about it - must get myself down there!!!


Esther said...

Hi! I didn't receive an e-mail - just in case you typed it incorrectly it is

thanks again! I am in Shoebury :o)

sarah-jane down the lane said...

What a gorgeous thing to do with your boys. (the fireworks on the seafront )Family traditons are everything aren't they? the memories will be long remembered and no doubt take on folklore status as they grow up,

Love Sarah x

Mrs B said...

oh that post just made me smile!! I am learning to drive and can't wait for drives with babies sleeping and Mr and MrsB time to whisper and listen to the radio! Road trips!! I WANT a morris minor with all my soul!!


Florence and Mary said...

Hi hun,

I've completely forgotten to sort out my post for tomorrow and I'm struggling a bit with my new brace so won't be able to take part but will def be getting round to visit everyone

Victoria xx