Monday, 26 October 2009

An award and christmas

Happy new week bloggers!!!

The i showed my Cath award from LissyLou.
Firstly i would like to thank all the ladies that joined in with the Show us your Cath Party. What Fun!!!!
I have created the above award for you all, so please take it and show it proudly on your blogs.

Christmas is getting closer!! i feel quite organised already, but this year is going to be quite a simple one for us as theres lots of other stuff on the go.
I saw this mag last week and decided to walk by, but then some of your naughty bloggers showed it in posts, so then i had to go get it didn't i??? ;)

Thera are some great ideas in it. Its certainly one to keep for future reference.
I loved making lanterns as a girl. I'll be making lots this year with the boys.

These are so gorgeous - makes me wish we had a pet!!!

I'll be trying this yummy stuffing!!

An Essentials magazine subscription was given to me on my birthday in May. I have to say it's becoming one of my fave magazines!!! Look at these wonderful christmas goodies:

Very Cath, don't ya think??

This is one of my fave perfumes, so this winter inspired one is definately on my list.

These are so cute - although i love my red one more.

This heart is so cute!!!



Floss said...

Thanks for the award - what fun! It was such a great event.

Those mags look great. I'm very glad, being on the utmost challenge, that I've saved a lot of Christmas mags from previous years, because they are keeping ,e going when I can't buy any new ones!

Florence and Mary said...

I picked up my copy of the Ideal Home Christmas magazine, lovely stuff in it isn't there!

Hopefully I might even get around to trying some of the ideas out!

Victoria xx

MelMel said...

I've taken my award...cheers hunni!
I LOVE the pink chine...ME!!!
I'm going to sell the red one and replace it!!!xx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I'm trying not to buy magazines but the Christmas ones are so tempting!

Mary Poppins said...

I love the looky of that Christmas bag, is it on the shelves yet, doesn't seem to be where I am, I shall keep a looky as I dont have any christams craft books I thought would be a little christmas threat ;)

I do like the new JL sewing machines, very pretty :)

Thank you for the award, shall be proudly displayed



Mary Poppins said...

Christmas Mag, I meant ;)

Josie-Mary said...

Thanks for the award, I shall proudly show it off!!
I use to love Christmas magazines but over the years I've lost interest in Christmas! I'm hoping it will go away if I wish hard enough!!! :)

Esther said...

My MIL often passes on essentials to be and I love the food section. Always something to look forward to near Christmas!

Kelly said...

Im off to get that mag tomorrow now!!!!
I noticed the pik sewing machine too!!! I have the red but was thinking about the pink too ha ha!!!!

Lots of Love

Kelly xxx

Annie @ Birdcages n Butterflies x said...

Thanks for sharing, off to the shops to get it today thanks hun xxx
Annie x

A Decluttered Life said...

I agree that magazine is brilliant lots of ideas. I like the cookie mix in a jar one.
I must buy essentials this month. I have a subscription to Prima which my sister gets for me at christmas. This year I am getting essentials instead as i prefer it. More craft ideas and good recipes.
In enjoyed seeing everybodys show us your Cath too
take care x Dominique

mollycupcakes said...

oww it was fun doing the show your Cath, i didn't know i had so much of it until i started looking around for to take photo's lol
I grabbed that lovely Christmas mag yesterday after looking everywhere for it. I also found a new one to me called Sew Hip. I'm busy making lots of felt cupcakes and filling them with yummy smells. Our house smell pretty Christmasy already, yeay!
Catherine x

karen said...

Thats a fab magazine isn't it. I really do need to keep a scrapbook though because My pile of magazines to keep is growing rather rapidly lol.

Thanks for popping over and leaving a comment and for the lovley award I will get it posted on my blog as soon as I can

Mrs B said...

raaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I want that christmas mag!!! MrB makes me wait till at least mid november before I ca buy them....but what can I say......

the Elves made me do it!!

Newsagents here I cooooooooooome!!


Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

Wow love all the things from the mag - I really really love the little heart with the lace on :)

Reclaimed Vintage x said...

ooooh I love the pics you posted, especially the pink sewing machine, do you think its okay to get a new one just cos its pink??

Dear Hubby please can I have one of each thing please! LOL!