Friday, 29 June 2012

Come walk with us

Whilst the eldest was at a party, we took the little one for a walk at Hanningfield, Essex.
Little one picked me a buttercup 'Do you like butter Mummy?'

We played football and hid in a den from the big bad monster aka ....Daddy!!

Whos that trip trapping over my bridge?


Lovely things:

1) Feeding baby geese.
2) Watching the fishing boats on the lake.
3) Cool breezes on warm days

Sunday, 24 June 2012

What i've been up to

  • Tiding the house
  • Making and sending orders
  • Sending and recieving swap parcels
  • Eating out here
  • Having lots of tea and toast.
  • Eating healthy lunches (Must lose some weight for our Lake Garda holiday!!)
  • Eating healthy but oh so yummy dinners.
  • But still enjoying an occasional cheat.
  • Two Pilates sessions.
  • Discovering blooming flowers after the rain.
  • Wearing raincoats and sunglasses - its been a funny old week weatherwise!
  • Buying birthday gifts for a friend.
  • Trying to get the boys out of bed - theres been a few late nights.
  • Sewing whilst watching Roman Holiday.
  • Eating lots of fruit.
  • Finding my new washing powder did not have a scoop, so using my baking scoop and liking it very much :)
  • Having friends over for a BBQ and drinkies.
  • Going for lunch here.
  • Taking the little one for a walk whilst the eldest was at a party.
  • Seeing friends for dinner and having cuddles with their gorgeous 4 month old.
  • Meeting our friends new puppy.
  • Heading off here for Pimms in the sunshine.



Saturday, 23 June 2012

swaps and photo challenge

I took part in Bekimaries Free for all swap. My partner was Dosie Rosie.

I sent: A vintage style flower magnet, 2 postcards, hot chocolate, scented sachets, a handmade heart, 2 postcards, a little heart pot and buttons, some flower seeds, tissues and a little craft pack:

And here is the lovely parcel i recieved:

A tin, hot choccie stick, fudge, gorgeous bunting fabric, soap, a lovely making  kit, some paper tape and ......

...this really lovely needlecase:

Thank you so much Gill for this lovely swap parcel. Here is a closer look at the inspiration pack Gill sent:


Fat Mum Slim challenge photos catch up:

From a low angle - lying on my bed:

Art: Old art by the boys that i found whilst clearing out the craft room:

Yellow - my lovely water colour pencils:

Out and about - heading out to the school ball - deciding on the bag....didn't choose either of these in the end!!

In my bag: Not much in my bag today - Cath Kidston bag, sainsburys purse, keys, gum, blusher, body shop vitamin e lip balm and a vintage shop leaflet:

Something you don't know about me - i have one leg slightly longer than the other:


Where i slept:

From a high angle - walking down the stairs:


Lovely things:

1) Brother in Law and our friend over for a Friday night BBQ.
2) Halloumi and veg.
3) Swedish house mafia tickets for July!!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

ooooo another Disaronno if you please!

I haven't written an about me tag for a while. So when i saw this one i thought i would have a go. Join in too!!!!!

About me.

Do you have a middle name?

What was your favourite subject at school?
Art and Child development.

What's your favourite drink?
Tea and hot chocolate for hot drinks, although it has to be quite a strong hot chocolate - i don't like the really sugary or watery ones. Water and apple juice are my fave cold drinks. And my fave alcohol beverage would be Disaronno with ice, a strong cosmopolitian and Pimms and lemonade. I like a glass of Baileys every now and then too.

Favourite song at the moment?
Still loving Mama do the hump - Rizzle Kicks and i'm really liking Conor Maynard - can't say no. at the moment.

What would you name your children?
I have 2 boys already. I won't be having anymore children but if i did, i like Poppy and Daisy (hence my shop name), Lottie, and i've already used my favourite boys names.

Do you participate in any sports?
Nope! I do like to walk though and i try to go to pilates twice a week.

Favourite book?
A vintage affair, Isabelle Wolfe and Twelve days of Christmas, Trisha Ashley are my favourite novels.
I have lots of coffee table books that i love. And firm favourites are: How to be lovely, an Audrey Heburn way of life, What would Audrey do?, The Hummingbird bakery cook book, and Dottie Angels book.

Favourite colour?
White, blue, pink

Favourite animal?
Lambs and dolphins

Favourite perfume?
L'occitane cherry blossom

Favourite holiday?
Venice with my husband, Cornwall with my hubby and boys.

Have you graduated high school?
Yes, a while ago now - haha!

Do you speak any other languages?
I remember a sprinkling of French. But probably not enough to get me by!!

Do you have any siblings?
Thats a bit complicated. I have a half brother and sister but sadly i don't see them.

What's your favourite store?
Tkmaxx for homewares. Liberty and Fortnum and Mason for browsing, Charity shops and antique stores for thrifting.

Favourite restaurant?
Close by - Santa Lucia
and further afield - Food for friends - Brighton.

Favourite movie?
Roman Holiday, You've got Mail, Leap year and grown ups

Favourite Tv Show?
Got to be Friends

How tall are you?

Personal Questions...

What do you order at Starbucks?
 Hot chocolate, no cream and chocolate chunk shortbread.

One thing in your closet you can not live without? 
 baggy jeans.

What's one thing people probably don't know about you?
I am really open, so if people ask i'll pretty much tell them anything.

Name one thing you want to do before you die?
 See killer whales and dolphins in the wild.

What's one food you cannot live without?
probably chocolate.

What quote/phrase do you live by?
'what would Audrey do?'

Look for the good in everything

What was the last book you read?
The Duggars 20 and counting

What's your most listened to song on iTunes?
I don't have itunes, but hubby does. I guess i choose mama do the hump mostly, its my favourite dance in the car to song.

What kind of style would you define yourself as having?
I am pretty simple really, i like comfort over style. There are just more important things going on in my life. I pretty much wear jeans, a slogan tee and cardi every day.

Two hobbies?
Making and thrifting

Two pet peeves?
People who use others and people with no manners.

Guilty pleasures?
Crappy tele like 19 kids and counting or May the best house win.


 Lovely things:

1) Giggles with hubby.
2) Working hard at pilates
3) Hearing from my Mum (shes having a lovely time in Lake Garda) 


Monday, 18 June 2012

What i've been up to

  • Making and sending off orders, like the lovely Flower Fairy cushions above.
  • Eating lots of dark chocolate.
  • Organising my craft room and fabrics.
  • Getting caught in school run ran.
  • Still rocking the British.
  • Making Pancakes for my boys.
  • Adding to inspirational scrapbooks.
  • Watching lots of 24 and drinking Disaronno.
  • Giving into the hype and buying 50 shades of grey - i am now hooked on this easy, naughty read!
  • Taking my eldest to A & E for a split chin!! 
  • Treating him ...... and me to chocolate chunk shortbread.
  • Eating yummy cheeses.
  • Eating out here with a friend.
  • Eating out here with my Mum.
  • The youngest loving his first football lesson.
  • Spending Saturday morning slobbing with the boys and letting the eldest get his first taste of Grown ups - love that film!!
  • Picking out gorgeous shoes - typical!! last ones i found in the wardrobe!! and trying to decide on the handbag.
  • Going to the school ball and getting far too drunk.
  • Having a long lie in.
  • Going to a family Fathers day BBQ.
  • Feeling a little worse for wear.