Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilee celebrations

I hope you have enjoyed the Jubilee weekend.
Here is what we did:

We took the boys to their Grandparents where they enjoyed a weekend with family.
Myself, hubbie, brother in law and 3 friends headed down to sunny Brighton where we had tickets for Saturdays Big Beach Bootique:

We stopped in a pub to fill our boots with sausage and mash:

We were so lucky with the weather all weekend. Just an hour down pour when Fat boy slim came on. We were told that at home it was raining all weekend.

The concert was 3pm till 10ish. Heading back on the bus we all felt tired and ready for bed. But once we got dressed up we were raring to go again. We headed out to the pubs and clubs.

The next morning we all felt a bit worse for wear. We felt better after cooked breakfasts and tea/coffee. The others all headed of, but me and hubbie headed around the shops.

Our feet were killing and we pretty much just flagged in time for an early dinner at my favourite vegetarian restaurant - Food for friends. The staff aren't particularly friendly but i love the food and the decor.

We headed home to get the boys who were with family at a Jubilee dinner.

On Monday my other half had to go into work, so my Mum came over and we took the boys to The Layer Marney traditional village fete and had a Jubilee tea back at ours when the hubbie got home:

The boys had a fabulous time. My youngest got on the scoreboard for bowles and shot a ball through the hole. The eldest came second in the running race and both boys were on the winning tug of war team. They also had fun tossing wellies and smashing plates.

Again, we were so lucky with the weather. It started to rain once we neared home.

Tuesday the hubbie was at work again :(
It ended up being a bit of a pajama day - watching the tele. Didn't Kate look completely gorgeous in her nude dress?? We loved seeing the carriage proccession and the fly pass. I love the Royals big celebrations or not so i enjoy seeing them on the tele.

 Harry looked like he had a heavy night at the concert the day before!! haha

I made no egg chocolate cupcakes for a Jubilee party with friends the next day:

Toppers given to me by the lovely Krafty cupcake:

Today was spent with some lovely ladies and their children having tea and playing games:

It has been a lovely few days.

I am looking forward to things settling down next week.
I really want to catch up on all your blogs but have been so busy. I have a fair on Friday too, which i'm still making for and so not organised argh!!!!!!!!
So next week i think i will have to schedule in a tea and blog morning - hee hee


Todays lovely things:

1) Eating cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off.
2) Watching the boys snuggling on the sofa with blankets and a film just before bed.
3) Drinking Pimms with my man and watching Two and a half men whilst i sew.


Twiggy said...

Looks like a tip top weekend.

Twiggy x

magie said...

oops...was signed into my hubby's account when I left that message..never mind that one..:P

It sounded like you had a great Jubilee long weekend. The concert looked like fun! You lucked out on the weather then.
I like the photo's of your kids..or should I say the Queen and William :P
The corgi on the cupcake is pretty cute..looks like you had a weekend of yummy food :)
Magie x

Isobel said...

Looks like you had a fantastic Jubilee celebrations, Lissy. Lots of Yummy food and family fun. Wonderful!! xx

Bella Blonde said...

Hi Lissylou! Looks like you had a good weekend! Loving the blog xx