Monday, 11 June 2012

If you Believe - you can

My June FatMumSlim Photo challenge pictures:

Morning: Finding it oh so hard to drag myself out of bed:

Empty - At a pub in Brighton 'Someone get me another':

On my plate. At Food for Friends in Brighton, having the yummiest food:

Close up - The gorgeous pocket watch my husband bought in an antique market in Brighton. It is pretty cool - it has a sweeping second hand and you can see all the mechanisms moving from the front and the back:

Sign - in my living room:

Hat - The living room floor is full of dressing up clothes today:

Drink - cup of tea whilst sewing:

6 o'clock - the little one is eating his chocolate medal that he won for being in the winning tug of war team - thank goodness my sofa is brown, he was getting in a right mess!

View - Waiting for Matilda the musical to start. We had front row of the circle - my prefered seats:

Favourite bit of the weekend - Matilda was fantastic. I laughed, i cried. I loved this scene - revolting children: (Picture from the official musical website)

Door - my front door - cheery even on wet horrible days:


Lovely things:

1) My sons face when a friend turned up in their Aston Martin DB9 to take him for a spin.
2) A lovely sign held by a little boy at The southend half marathon 'Run Mummy Run, we all love you'
3) Breakfast by the sea - my favourite way to spend a Morning.


Deborah said...

Great photos as always sweetie, love your wardrobes :) have a happy week

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

vintage grey said...

Lovely photos! The pocket watch is beautiful. Wishing you a wonderful week! xo Heather

magie said...

Great photo's! I really like your pretty pocket watch, so decorative with the details. I haven't got around to this months photo a day challenge..I always have the best intentions..but just too busy.
Have a nice day today :)
Magie x