Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Yum Yum!

Here is a quick yummy recipe for you:

Make a tomato sauce:

Fry a large chopped garlic clove and a pinch of dried chilli in some olive oil. Add a tin of whole plum tomatoes. Keep them whole until the sauce thickens and then mash with a fork. Add a little red wine vinegar and season:

Cook tagliatelle in salted water. Steam some spinach over the pot:

 Drain and stir in the sauce and spinach. Scatter with ricotta:

We had ours with this quick yummy starter:
Asdas chilled feta and veggie parcels, with olives and hummus.



Grateful4Crochet said...

Bizarrely enough this is almost exactly what we had for our dinner tonight, but substituted the ricotta for feta!!!
And without the starter. But still-amazing coincidence or what!!!!!
Its one of my favourite easy meals!!

magie said...

That looks like one delicious meal! The veggie feta parcels kind of look like the perogies I use to get when I was in Canada..but I haven't been able to find them here. I will have to check out the asda for these ones and give them a go.