Monday, 19 December 2011

Whats been going on?

From the beginning of December i read the boys a Christmas story each night. We have built quite a collection over the last few years. These are my favourites:

 I have turned into quite a tea drinker the last few months. Don't you think its strange how tastes change? Mmmmm although i've always liked homemade carrot cake!!

 This is the book i have bought my friends girls for Christmas. I have to admit i could easily have one of these myself!

 There are lots of rooms and gorgeous stencils and stickers. Be your own interior designer!

You can see what i made the boys teachers for Christmas at my other blog. I also bought these bookmarks when we were in Cornwall:

I tried a new restaurant last week. Really really lovely. I had this amazing Christmas pizza:

Today we took the boys to see Father Christmas. It was really lovely. The boys got some crafts to make as their present and a mini Christmas tree each to plant:

My lovely latest advent gifts from Vintage hearth:

 I opened these lovely magnets today. Such a thoughtful gift with pictures of Poppies and Daisies in them :)

It has been really nice to hang all our cards from the picture rail this year. Here are the cards to and from the boys, hubbie and i. The boys designed theirs this year. I was so impressed with my eldests (The sleigh scene). He is quite a little artist. I wish he would draw more often as he is really good. I love it when i get to see his artwork at parents evenings at school, because its the only time he really does it. Me and my hubbie both enjoyed, and were pretty good at art when we were in our teens, so i hope he starts to enjoy it too:

 I recieved this lovely little hanging with my husbands card xx

Mollie makes landed on my door mat this Saturday. I love it!!!! Look at the gorgeous fabric for these notebooks:

 I love the print, bottom right:

As you know, i am a big Belle and Boo fan. This month there is a needle book to make:

Look at these amazing beads!!!! My son (9) is Marmite mad. I have to think of something to make with them for him - any ideas please??

Enjoy your week. Keep calm and be merry!

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Josie-Mary said...

I would love that book too, what a great idea. The pizza looks yummy. My Mollie Makes has been sat waiting for me to have 5 mins to look at it!! x

♥ Miss Tea said...

the book is awesome! i definitely gotta get Mollie Makes soon, i adore the bird ornament and i spy a very cute christmas card near the cake and tea!

Merry Christmas and good wishes for the New Year!

x susan

Andi's English Attic said...

Have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year. xx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Stop with the Mollie makes photos, i am trying to be very good and not buy any more mags :-)