Tuesday, 26 October 2010

whats been going on??

-We visited the London Museum yesterday - really good day out, my boys esp the eldest loved it! We visited Daddy at work, my youngest was very disappointed that Daddy works with boring computers and not on a train like he had convinced himself!

-We had a wonderful trip to the O2 on Saturday with friends to see Disney On ice. I have seen a few of the Disney on ice shows and have to say this one was my least favourite. But it was still great.

-I am really enjoying getting and making bits for the advent swap.
I need about 5 more things and i'll be ready to wrap and pack.

-My eldest little boy officially become a cub last week and we also had a visit to the lovely Cressing Temple where he recieved his Bronze award - the highest award you can get in Beaver scouts.

I am loving the idea of the half term homework - to recieve his home help badge he has to make his bed everyday, cook a meal, lay the table and wash up, wash and iron his cub scarf, tidy the living room, sew on a badge and keep his room tidy!! now that sounds like my kind of homework.....

-Not too long now until Halloween..this year i have decided to have a big party. Unfortunately it won't be too big as most people are away, can't get babysitters etc...but it should still be lots of fun. I'm dressing up as Malice in Horrorland. Theres going to be games, dancing and lots of alcohol!!

I'll show you some piccies after the event.

My lovely kitchen - oh well at least it will look scary for the halloween party!

My online shop is now set up with lots of ideas for christmas presents..you can browse through areas by clicking on the sidebar links..such as books/children/hangings etc

I am also selling little tree hangings like these 80p each plus 40p p&p

Just email me at poppyanddaisys@gmail.com if you want one or two.



MelMel said...

I love Disney on ice....so cute!
Have a great weekend,

Florence and Mary said...

I loved Disney on Ice! My SIL preferred this to last years... although when they did a Small Small World we were hiding under our seats!!!

Love your outfit it's great!

Victoria xx

OhSoVintage said...

What a great half term your boys are having. I have just been to the supermarket and can't believe how many children were being dragged around shopping, poor things! What a great idea for homework - he'll make a great husband one day if he learns all those skills!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Wow you busy bee. Could't your hubby just dress as a train driver for the day and hang around the tube station for your little one :-)

My eldest girl and boy are cubs, they love it !

Can't wait to see the party photos, fab idea.

Josie-Mary said...

Sounds like a busy time. The homework is a great idea, do you want to send him my way??? Have a great party :) x

Lisa said...

Hope your eldest enjoys his homework! T loves being a cub. He was away camping with them at the weekend. I've never seen look as tired as he did on Sunday evening when he came home again!
Hope the party goes well.
Lisa x

meplusmolly said...

Thanks for your lovely comment. I am so behind too with my posting on the challenge, so am just posting when I get a chance now! you look like you had a great trip out and about! ;0