Monday, 4 October 2010

Notebook Monday

Its another week!! Any nice plans??

From my notebooks today:

-Choose an inspiring word to help you make it through the week....i choose SPARKLE. What will you choose??

-Display your buttons in a pretty bowl this week, and rummage through them till your hearts content.

- Put up some fairy lights to brighten the dreary Autumn/Winter days

- Start saving comics or nice magazine pages to wrap up christmas presents with.

-Make or buy/ or get out your mug cosie

-Keep a little bit of summer going by heading somewhere nice for afternoon tea

-Flick through a copy of Apples for Jam (See my Amazon list in the sidebar) and choose a wonderful recipe to cook.

-Buy yourself a gorgeous notebook and start writing down all your Christmas ideas and recipies...I can suggest Shabby Polka dots and Snap Dragon for gorgeous notebooks.

- Start wearing your prettiest brooches on gorgeous cardis and coats.

-Head to their fairtrade hot choc (My favourite, although make it a little stronger than they suggest) and add whipped cream and choolate sprinkles...don't forget that mug cosie!!



aimi said...

After a pretty rubbish Monday morning, your blog has made me smile. I love your ideas and thought the watercolour you got the other week from Kazzy was gorgeous!Does she sell them? Love your new snowman fabric too-will you be making things with it? My word for the week is GLOW! Off to have a hot chocolate xxx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

ohh my nickname used to be sparkle so I will use that one this week too :-) I love the photo on the cover of the book apples and jam - the recipes look fab too.

bekimarie said...

I think I am going to do all of these :)

B xxx

Lyn said...

Some great ideas on here, thank you for sharing!
and congrats on your blog award too!

Gabrielle said...

I love that word, sparkle. :) Lovely photos you chose to post! I like the idea of choosing an inspiring word to help you through the week. I'm new to your blog, so I had no idea you did this! It's interesting!

I hope you had a nice weekend ♥

Casee Marie said...

Fairy lights! So many precious ideas, I love. Afternoon tea with macarons sounds divine! If only we had somewhere around here that actually sold macarons. *sigh*

Beautiful post, as always!

Lisa said...

Great suggestions. Especially the hot chocolate!
Lisa x

Kelly said...

Lovely ideas!!! THis dull weather certainlyt means I need cheering up!!!

Thecraftytrundler said...

I think my word this week is 'MAKE'.I'm working on a customised notebook now!!
A lovely inspiring post, just what we all need : )
Thank you for your lovely comments on my notebooks! So glad you're pleased with yours!
Have a lovely week : )