Monday, 9 August 2010

Day 30/ 30 things

Whatever tickles you fancy:

The last day of the challenge!
I am going to use this post as a little catch up.

Some activities from the last month:

Trips to the seaside:

Eating too many biscuits (These have to be the yummiest chocolate biscuits ever!):


Flowers from my lovely man:

Finding a copy of Simple Abundance in the charity shop. Milly Molly Mandy ready to go in my shop and some pretty fabric:

Going to a wonderful Military and Airshow:

Pretty yellow roses from the garden, brightening up my day:

Watching films with my eldest boy, while the little one sleeps and their daddy goes fishing:

Its been a lovely month



Lisa said...

The military day out looks really interesting. And who would want to give away their copy of Simple Abundance??
Lisa x

Lyn said...

It's been a busy month for you hasn't it? It has been fun doing this challenge but I will be glad I don't have to post EVERYDAY!

Primchick said...

thanks it was a great day.. :o)

meplusmolly said...

what a fab 30 days! loving all the making, baking and trips out ;0

Josie-Mary said...

Thanks for sharing, I've really enjoyed these post :) x