Friday, 6 August 2010

Day 26/ 30 things

My week in great detail:

I can't give too much detail it would take forever! And also i have forgotten most of it!!

So Friday to Friday:

Friday 30th July- Eldest son had a golf lesson, so the littlest and I went to do the food shop (So much easier without 2 children!!)
We spent Lunch and the afternoon at Barleylands with my best friend and her two girls. The kids got to stroke rabbits and ducklings, have a train ride (which my eldest derailed by leaning out!), play in the in and outdoor playgrounds, watch the pigs being washed etc. My husband was at a friends that night so i watched 'Nuns story', such a good film whilst making 2 cushions for an order.

Saturday 31st July- We went on a Duck Tour with my Mum...that was fun. We went into Pizza Express for dinner and headed home.
The evening was spent drinking lots, i mean lots of cocktails with my Brother in laws, and a friend. The evening ended like this:

Spinning games!!! (Spin round head down for 10 spins then dance!!) so much fun when your drunk!!

Sunday 1st August (Happy August!)- We all went for a big breakfast at our favourite breakfast spot. The lads all left for home and we dropped our little boys at their Grandparents to go and watch A-Team.....mmmm Bradley Cooper...shirtless!!
We had a yummy roast dinner at my inlaws and then off very tired to bed after the last nights shenanigans!!

Monday 2nd August - Today was spent with my friend and her girls again at an indoor play centre. The boys were playing so nicely that i stayed for a while after my friend had left to read some magazines.

Tuesday 3rd August - Today was a quiet day of housework and making caramel shortbread. We had my Dad and his wife over in the evening for a takeaway.

Wednesday 4th August- My eldest was picked up early by a friend, they had a Mad scientest day to go to, and then back to his friends until 4pm. Me and the little one played and cleaned the house. In the morning we went to my Dads house to collect some bits that had been stored there for years, lots of my Take That memrobila.....not sure what to do with it all!!! And some decorative plates...i'll be putting one in my shop soon. I found some books too... Sushi for beginners which i read about 10 years ago, i loved that book. I started rereading it last night. The hubbie and i had yummy fajitas for dinner.....mmmmm!!

Thursday 5th August- Was our history day (See previous post)

Friday 6th August- so to today. The morning has been spent blogging, food shopping, washing etc and having the delivery of a free (long story) massive telly!!! i hate big tellys.....i'm trying to purseude my husband not to keep it...but he's a man...what is it with men and big tellies???
Me and my eldest took the little one to a monkey madness dancing session for 1-3 year olds. I think it exhausted me more than him!
I've just eaten some yummy chocolate chip shortbread.
Tonight i have some sewing to do for another order and Sophie Dahls quesadillas to make on request of the hubbie.

I guess i better make a start on telling you about my year for tommorrow post!!!



Lyn said...

LissyLou, I have chickened out of the full year and I am just looking back on what I was doing last August-I aim to keep my followers-not bore them stupid!
Take That are very in again, you might get a bit for it on Ebay!!!
I like your post today, it's ages since I got so drunk to do spinning games, what fun!

Josie-Mary said...

Sounds like a busy the spinning game!
My week would be very, knitting, TV, bed... everyday, how dull :( !! x

Florence and Mary said...

That BIL of yours is a bad influence! ;o)

Victoria x