Thursday, 30 July 2009

Snapping away!!

New things:
Ok, this isn't new, but i really want a lovely dressing table - i've had a little look around but haven't found the perfect one yet. I'd like to buy something secondhand that i can paint white.
At the moment i have an mdf desk made by my dad that has a pretty piece of fabric draped over to hide it.
I love sitting at my dressing table - putting my make up on with my lovely things to look at. I love seeing my boys sitting here too, going through my bits or standing on the chair to look out of the window.
My new dollshouse:

I have placed everything in so that i can see what colour schemes i want for the wallpaper/floors.
I think i'm going to go for dark wood effect floors throughout except for the kitchen which will have slate effect floors.

I went to The Range and picked up some of these jars - this one now holds the boys crayons and i have a new one for spare change (remember my youngest smashed our other one a few weeks ago?)
I love this. I change it with my mood.
My eldest decided to make a rain catcher the other day after seeing one on t.v. He asked if he could use a wooden spoon. I said of course. Next i found he had drawn on it and put hair on it to use it as a measurer!! Now this is no ordinary wooden spoon, this is a bamboo Pampered chef spoon!! He said 'but you said i could use it'. I couldn't really argue, i just said he was lucky that i was in a good mood!
My mum went to Brighton and had her colours done (not the clothes this time but using dates and other info to find out your colour personality) She did me and the hubby too and we both came out as blue which means we are a perfect match (always nice to know!)
New mags that have come through the door. I thought i'd share some lovely pages with you:
I love these cushions and coasters.
Look at this lovely studio.
Essentials mag: had some great tips in it, that i will share with you soon.
I liked this idea for a pretty, thrifty sewing box. Great for a childs first sewing kit, i thought.
I love this door stop for a kids room.
I am gradually building up a rather large teatowel collection! I like this one.
Great deck chair, great price - i may have to get a couple.
New movies i want to see:

Easy Living: Such a pretty room
Isn't this necklace sooo pretty - such a good price for such an ornate piece.
Great idea - i'll do this!!

Have a great weekend ladies. I have a busy one planned.
London tommorrow to see We're going on a bear hunt and then a browse around Covent Garden, Bluewater shopping on Sat and the seaside on Sun (hoping for good weather!)


Mary Poppins said...

I love the spoon :)

What pretty photographs, is making want to go out and buy one of those yummy magazines now ;~)

Have a lovely weekend sounds like you are going to have some fun



Mummy Boo Bear said...

Have a fun weekend! loved all those pretty mags. too, now I have the weekend mag urge. oh dear! lol.


Cal said...

Sweet little dolls house and I laughed about the spoon. We have to grit our teeth sometimes don't we!
Cal x

Floss said...

Oh, wow, I have been given a subscrption to Country Living for my birthday (hurray) so the first one will arrive soon. Other than that, I find it best not to look too hard at photos of lovely UK magazines, as I won't find them here! They do look good, though (sigh).

Have a great weekend yourself. IF my elder son is well enough, we're going on a daytrip to a historic town which is hosting a Vide Greniers tomorrow. Pictures on my blog IF it works out!

Florence and Mary said...

Noooo not the pampered chef spoon!!!

Have a great weekend,

Victoria x

Sal said...

Hi there!
My faves have to be CL and PL!
Hope you have a great weekend!

lou said...

Sorry, but it did make me laugh about the spoon!
Have a lovely weekend…love Lou xxx

Felicity said...

i love all the pretty mag pictures, some really good ideas there! fliss xx