Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Come on, come on, come on........

......Take That and Party!!!!!! Went to see Take That on Saturday at Wembley Stadium. They were fantastic as always! I can say, that as a huge fan, i have never missed a tour (actually, no, i did miss the beautiful world tour - but i did have tickets for it, i was just too ill to go last year)
I was one of those crazed fans as a teenager who sat outside Mark Owens house and really believed that one day i would marry him!!!
I can't believe that now as an adult - i don't fancy him in the slightest!! Although this picture made me go aahhhh, but in more of a motherly way!!hee hee!!
I hope that you will be glad to hear that i am feeling alot better this week. Although i have no energy (from the heat i think) - i did muster up enough energy to boogy away and sing at the concert though!!
My lovely Mum cheered me up with some lavender from her garden and i made the most gorgeous cheescake ever!! I will be making it this weekend to take to a barbie, using raspberries instead of passionfruit.

I have to thank Twiggy.
I won her giveaway and chose these gorgeous buttons. I was also spoilt with some extra buttons and a box of choccies - that i have to say, i ate before the camera got to take a picture!!

Oh and before i forget - the house we wanted has sold. So as planned we are staying put.
It would have been nice to have a lovely big house that was very pretty, but we have decided to stay here for a few more years and completely finish everything so we can enjoy it. So a busy year ahead - new kitchen first!! woo hoo!! i've never had a brand new kitchen!! I'll be busy showing you our transformations as they happen.
Also we are going to book a trip to New York just before christmas for me and the hubby. So i am very excited!!!!!
Today i treated myself to a brand new dolls house (i'll show you it once i've put it all together)
So if anyone is interested in buying my other dollshouse then let me know.


Thecraftytrundler said...

Take That!!!! Fantastic!!! I have seen them live on TV, and they were great!!! Lucky you!!!
Iam going to see Oasis on Sunday with Callum!
Lots of lovely things to look forward to, Lissy. Your husband sounds great! Look forward to seeing the kitchen, and New York!!
Have a great week : )

Sharon xx

charl said...

i absolutley adored take that when i was a teenager.. howard was my fave!!!.. still havnt seen them touring since the comeback.. usually pregnant or summit!! so thanks for sharing
how exciting to ..new york without sproglets..lovely!!

Florence and Mary said...

I loved Take That when I was younger too and like you Mark was my fave but now I can't quite see why!!!!

I'm so jealous you're off to NY! I haven't been for a few years now and I'm really missing it!

Victoria xx

Mary Poppins said...

WoW i so wish i had gone to seethem, Mark has really grown on me, and he is currently my favourite :)

The lavender and cheesecake look yummy, I am so gald your ae feeling better and New York, double wow :)

I hope you don't mind I have deleted my comments on your previous posts, felt I was moaning too much about me when I should have been thinking more about you :)



twiggypeasticks said...

Fab, I always liked Howard the bestest :)
glad you liked your buttons
twiggy x

Sarah said...

How disappointing about the house. Hate it when that happens! At least you have some absolutely wonderful buttons to cheer you up. Aren't they just the cutest?

Sal said...

Glad you had a fab time watching Take That!
I love the little buttons! ;-)

claire said...

I was always a Robbie fan so I haven't gone to see them in their comeback tours lol!!!
Glad you had a great time.
Love those buttons (I have some of that fabric!!!).
Me and dh are going to NY in November - see you there????? hehehe!!
Look out for the postie in the next few days (((hugs))) xx

re said...

A trip to New York sounds fab.

Jemm said...

How exciting to get a new kitchen! Your cheesecake looks yummy. So glad to hear you're feeling better.