Monday, 30 March 2009

Lovely Leigh

Thank you Miss sew and sew for my award. I won't pass it on again as i did so last week, but here's an extra 7 things that i love:
Pasta, with pesto, mushrooms and halloumi.
Eating lemons.
Finding bargains.
Dancing with my husband and the boys.
Candles that smell of vanilla or shortbread/cookies(not the fake cheap ones though).
When Winter turns to Spring and when Summer turns to Autumn.
Walking around Cambridge with my husband.
So, to today. I went shopping in Leigh on sea with my mum and my youngest. I love it in Leigh, the shops are fabulous. Here is what i bought:
My husband said i could treat myself because i drove on the motorway at the weekend to his parents house which i have never done before as it scares the life out of me!! I was terrified, i even cried as i was driving, how silly is that!?! But i did it so i'm pleased. I made myself drive back too and it was fine.

The Flower fairy books were my greatest find, i saw them in a window of a charity shop. In the front there was a note that said 'To Rhoda, love from Aunty Vera 25.03.66'
They were £2 each.

The bee is to add to out easter tree, and the flower was something that my youngest spotted and liked.

I love fairies, but i very rarely find ones with nice faces. This one is lovely. I got one for me and one for my mum.

I'm going to put the believe sigh above my bedside table to remind me everyday, that life is good and to believe in myself and my dreams.

Another notebook!!!

This lovely little dollface purse which i am going to keep in my bag for makeup and bits. I saw it a couple of months ago but thought it was a little pricy. As i was rewarding myself i just grabbed it quick and bought it. I'm glad i did, i love it.



Lavender hearts said...

Well done for driving on the motorway! Believe me (speaking from someone who used to be scared of driving now I drive everywhere), you'll soon realise after a while that driving on the motorway is far easier than town driving. You're already doing the hard bit!

Leigh on Sea just reminds me of that song 'Suddenly I see' - for ages Tim and I thought she was singing Leigh on sea! ;-)

bekimarie said...

What lovely buys!
Love the fairy books (extra special because they're so old) and the 'believe' sign.
Well done for driving on the motorway. It took my half sister years to drive on the motorway and I was so proud of her when she made the 2 hour trip to visit me last year.
Have a good week.
Beki xxx

Lobster and swan said...

congrats on the award and the driving! I seem to have had an inbox disaster and lost the email with your address! could you mail me it again.

I think I would have lost my own head last week if it wasn't so securely attached!


Lace hearts said...

Lovely finds, especially the flower fairy books - sounds as if they've gone to the perfect home. Well done on driving... it's never easy when something worries you, but it gets easier each time you try. xxx

Country Bliss said...

Love the flower fairy books and the believe sign. Well done for driving on the motorway they are scary!
Yvonne x

lou said...

You got some really sweet bits!
Thanks for your lovely comment, I hope you grandad is doing ok, I’m like you he is the only grandparent I have left.
Love Lou xxx

OhSoVintage said...

Oh gorgeous, halloumi, pasta, pesto and mushrooms. My mouth is watering!