Saturday, 28 March 2009

Food, glorious food!!

I have loads of cookbooks. These are the ones in the kitchen, then i have folders of recipes and more books on the bookshelves on the landing. I have so many you would think i'd be cooking all the time.....but i don't. I have the dream of being in the kitchen making wonderful cakes and biscuits, but it rarely happens. I think it will happen more when my youngest starts school.....we'll see.
I do love to look through them though, my mouth watering and planning that i will someday make my way through the delicious recipes.

Let me share with you my favourite cookbooks:

This lovely book is from Urban Outfitters and is my most recent buy. I love it because it looks so traditional.....

......and has some lovely yummy biscuits to make.

I've had this book about as long as i've been veggie. It has some really simple recipes in it, written by children and adults. I have lots of books that aren't veggie, as i just adapt them. I don't eat eggs either but i use an egg replacer from health food shops which is great.

These books are brilliant. Our favourite restaurant ever is Demuths in Bath. It is a veggie restaurant and i'd recommend you go there even if your not veggie. My husband eats meat, but this is his favourite restaurant. It is quite small, and make sure you eat upstairs. It has lovely chidrens food, but i think it's better for just adults than children as it's quiet and intimate. We bought these two books on our first visit, they are great. I love butternut squash and hallumi salad and the wonderful chocolate fudge cake.
This book is great, and my most used. I love it because you can read it from cover to cover.
My best friend is a pampered chef representative. I have lots of the bits. It is quite pricy but the stoneware is brilliant and will last forever. Some of the recipes are really lovely. I let my friend tell me all the recipes she really likes and then have a go myself. Or more often than not eat the ones shes made!!
Have you got ant recipe books you can recommend to add to my collection?? I love books with lots of pictures and if they can be read like a book, thats an added bonus!
P.s Thank you so much for your lovely messages to me and my Grandad. I'm off to see him later.
Have a good weekend ladies!


Charlotte Evans, Cottontails said...

Thanks for sharing your cookery books with us.. I am exactly the same as you - I dream of having time and inclination to cook and bake more, but the reality for me - especially living on my own - is rather too many ready meals.

The last month or so I've started making fairy cakes and I'm 100% sure it's down to coming here and reading people's blogs and being inspired.

My really big dream is to have A Routine - where I book up lovely big meals and cakes on a sunday and freeze and store things in individual portions. I would be very proud of myself :-)

Your veggie restaurant sounds gorgeous!

Love Charlotte

bekimarie said...

I love the look of the homemade cookies book!
Loving your music, we have similar taste.
Have a great weekend
Beki xxx

sue15cat said...

Oooh....lovely cookbooks. I am addicted to cook books at the moment and you have a lovely selection. Thank you for sharing.

Sue xx

Jemm said...

I love cookbooks too. Cooking has always been a hobby of mine, ever since high school. Lovely books you have.

Flossie and Tom said...


You can contact me through email me on my profile page then I will have your email

Looking forward to swap


Miss sew n sew said...

Theres an award for you to collect on my blog!
What lovely books you have!

Shabby Chick said...

Lovely books! I used to cook a lot but since having my girls it just seems too much except for special occasions. I actually have one of the Cranks recipe books (the veggie cafe in Covent Garden but I'm sure you know that!) and it has some lovely things in.

Mel xxx

Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Lissylou, Im just catching up on your last few posts and I loved looking at your old photos. I really hope your Grandad is okay. I only have one grandparent too. I wish I had been older when my nanna was still with us as there are so many questions I wish I had asked her. I have a couple of great photographs of her and her sisters on a night out.

I adore cookery books, I enjoy reading them. Im fond of ones from the 1970's. I have some of Fanny Cradocks booklets that I like, but my favourite modern cookbooks are Nigellas X

lou said...

What a great selection of cookbooks, I love cooking!
I really hope all is ok with your grandad!
Have a lovely week!
Love Lou xxx

Anonymous said...