Thursday, 19 March 2009


Thank you to Message in a teacup for my award.

I have to pass this on to 7 people and name 7 things that i love.

I've decided to choose 7 people who i haven't awarded before but inspire me so much creatively. So thank you to the following ladies: sal snippets/ hen house emporium/ whitebench/ lobster and swan/ vixen vintage/ anastasia drawing and dreaming/ and mollycupcakes.
(I'm quite proud of myself, i'm getting quick at this linking buisness!!!)

7 things that i love:

(I've tried to put things that aren't already down the side of my blog)

1. I love Fifi and the flowertots, especially as my youngest loves it!! He sings along, so whenever i here the music it makes me smile.

2.Magazines. I am an addict!!

3. Roast dinners. Because i'm veggie i have Cheatin Turkey.

4. Watching The girls of the playboy mansion.

5. Organising things to do and places to visit.

6. A dash of Baileys in hot chocolate.

7. Bedwear, i have so much!!

Have a good evening ladies, i'll be back with my last 'L' post.



Sal said...

That is very kind of you..thank you!! ;-)

i cant sew said...

what a good idea, posting things in your house that start with your first letter. must try this some time soon.
happy weekend
%*_*% rosey

Hen said...

That's kind of you, thanks so much.
Hen x

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Baileys in Hot Chocolate - sounds delicious!

mollycupcakes said...

Thank sweet girlie for the award,
I 'll be posting it very soon. Yummy never thought of putting Baileys into hot choc, yum will be trying that one.
Have a fab weekend, we're off to see family for a long weekend. Looking forward to it. Cheltenham has a lovely CK shop and my friends little treasure trove Rosablue. Can't wait.
Catherine x