Friday, 20 March 2009

The letter 'L' part three/ a story/ and bargains!

This is the final part of the letter 'L'. I hope you have enjoyed!!

Lush - this strange gloop is Herbalism from Lush. When i hit my 20's and had my first child i came down with a case of greasy skin and spots. I tried so many products and this was the one that worked!! They stopped it a few years ago and i actually cried!! My spots came back and i was so upset. But after a few months they brought it back (maybe it was all my moaning to them). I now even get complimented on my clear complexion.

Lady - It's actually called Tenderness. I bought it when my eldest was little because it reminded me so much of us and how we used to stand cuddling, even the hairstyles were the same.

Luck - this was a keyring my nan and grandad bought me years ago when i was about to start my GCSE's. I'm not sure if it actually worked, but i love it anyway.

Lucy in the sky - is one of my favourite shops in Bluewater shopping centre. It is filled with lovely pieces of jewellary mainly. It always has lovely music playing and just looks great! There is a picture of Marilyn Monroe on the wall that i even asked if i could buy. I haven't been able to find the exact same one.

L'Occitane - i love this shop. It is so pretty. I find it quite pricy, so i ask for things i want for birthdays etc.
Lloyd Loom - i did'nt know what Lloyd Loom was until my mums friend spotted this chair that used to belong to my Nan. She had changed the cushion a few times. I remember sitting on it as a little girl in her bedroom. It's now on our landing by the bookshelf. The boys sit on it to read and i use it if i'm looking something up from a book.

Lemon and geranium/ Lilac and Lavender- from Cath Kidston. I've posted this before. I still can't believe i managed to get them from TkMaxx for £3 each!!


The end!!

Now i have to tell you a little story about yesterday.

My hubby rang me up at 7am. Luckily i was awake!! And he told me he had taken the car to the station (he normally walks). When he got there his train had just pulled in so he made a dash for it but forgot to get a parking ticket.
He asked me if i could go down there straight away to get one.
Being the loving wife i am i said of course.
I quickly pulled on a jumper over my grey night top and decided i could carry on wearing my pink and cream flowery pj bottoms as when i got there i could pull up outside the ticket machine and quickly nip out without anyone seeing me.
I looked in my purse for £5 (can you believe the cost!!) and had none. So i got our big jar of coins and counted out £5 worth of 5p's!!
I bundled the boys into the car and set off. It's about a 3 min drive. When i got there i realised i did'nt have my hubbies spare keys, so i drove back again!
When we eventually got there i pulled up, got out and to my despair had 3 men in suits all suddenly pull up in there cars and stand behind me whilst i had to post all these 5p's into the machine!! It took ages as you have to wait between each coin for them to register!
After putting the ticket in his car, i got into mine and looked in the mirror at my scarecrow hair and unmadeup face with yesterdays mascara smugded around my eyes!!! arggghhhh!!!! They must have thought i was insane!
I rang him when i got back (he thought it was very funny). I told him he owed me big time. The lovely man did end up making it up to me by coming home (late though i must say, when he had promised to be home early to see the boys! He texted and said 'oh dear i haven't done well today have i?) with Dirty Dancing collectors box with 2 dvds, a night top, eyemask and little bag. I thought that was sweet as he must of remembered me saying a while ago that i know longer had the film on DVD. He also got me Devil wears prada, which i do have taped but not on DVD. I'm thinking i can drag this out for another week or so and see what else i can get hee hee!

Lastly - I am going to take part in this. Looking for and posting about things that are bargains. Bits abit like those of the lovely Cath Kidston. We love you, but you are too pricy for some of our pockets!
I went in to Sainsburys today and noticed lovely spotty jugs and mugs. The jug was £7.99. There were also some very lovely flowery place mats and coasters. And blue spotty ovengloves for £1.99!!
Have a good weekend all


Shabby Chick said...

Hi LissyLou!

Great pictures again, Willow Tree figures are so lovely. The L'occitane products look good, I think I've seen them on QVC but not bought any yet. Can't believe you're another who found CK in TK Maxx, why don't I ever find even one thing?!

Your story did make me laugh a bit. Whenever I do something like that I ALWAYS see someone I know, and even worse someone I work with who is only used to seeing me with makeup on!

Mel xxx

Hollypop's said...

The stuff you use on your face can you get on the internet?
Enjoyed reading your little story - made me laugh - always the same though when you least want to be seen eh!!
He did bring you some lovely goodies to make it up to you though.
Take care.

MelMel said...

I really enjoyed your post! such fun!
A really good idea doing the "L" thing!
Have a super weekend!xxx

Hollypop's said...

Thanks for that, I'll take a look.

Jemm said...

You've got me chuckling! Very cute story and and sweet hubby you've got. Have a great weekend.

P.S. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with day old make up sometimes, ha ha!

Bunny said...

I have one of those little figurines! My sister bought me one for my birthday one year, it's an angel! I love it! I also love the movie Dirty Dancing, we're gonna get alone just fine you and me!

lou said...

Lovely pictures and a lovely post again!
I love the key, something too keep forever!
Have a lovely weekend …love Lou xxx

P.S loved the story about you and no makeup, that is the kind of thing that would happen too me.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaahh your little story made me chuckle! Glad you got some goodies because of it though!
I'm still looking around the house looking for things beginning with an 'A' it is really hard! Lol!
Have a lovely weekend

Vintage Tea said...

I love L'Occitane too, it's my favourite. Have a look on QVC as they sell some very reasonable giftsets.

Bless your hubby.

Victoria xx