Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Sweet things

Another lovely sunny day!! I have had a nice morning with a friend and both our youngest children in a playplace and then off for a lovely lunch.
I had such a treat this morning. One of the school mums bought my youngest a Humphreys Corner top, beacause she knows i love it, how sweet is that?

This is my only buy from the fair i went to on Sunday, a very sweet heart.

My mum got me this sweet shopping bag, that folds into a great strawberry!!! It's from Tiger.

Sweet treats for my boys. Can you see my eldests top tooth sticking out slightly? It's been there for ages and won't budge. The other tooth is already fully there underneath!! I think we'll be making a trip to the dentist soon!!

Flowers from the garden. I've actually put them into 2 of these little vases now as they were abit crowded.


Lucy Bloom said...

That stawberry bag is really neat! Thanks for stopping by!
Lucy x

MelMel said...

I LOVE the bag!
Bit smitten with fruits at the mo!


Taz said...

Loving that strawberry bag, wish we had a Tiger near us.
Big one had the same problem with a couple of her baby teeth, she had to have one of them taken out but the other one eventually popped out by itself. :)

Hollypop's said...

Love the strawberry bag, very handy. The little hanging heart is very cute.
My eldest had that with an eye tooth, the new one came down and the baby tooth was still there - we had to make a visit to the dentist too.
Take care.

Shabby Chick said...

Those are sweet things, that strawberry bag is brilliant! Some lovely pictures :)

mel xxx

twiggypeasticks said...

Hello there
thank you so much for leaving me a lovely message, what a super cheery blog. Love your strawberry bag!!!
Twiggy x

Vintage Tea said...

How fabulous is your strawberry bag!

Victoria xxx

Lobster and swan said...

about an age ago you won my give away! haven't been able to get hold of you as your email was elusive and comments were disabled here. I just need you to email me your address : )

Lace hearts said...

Wow, I want a strawberry bag... I've never heard of Tiger. What a fab thing that is.