Monday, 5 November 2012

What i've been up to

I can't remember what i've been up to the last two weeks, its been busy and flown by. Anyway, here are the photos off my phone:

I couldn't resist buying these cute little Lindt bears (i was a bit disappointed however that they were hollow and not filled) I put two up on my printer trays in the lounge to see how long it would take the boys to notice. My youngest spotted them 24hrs later.

I love Jools Olivers book - The adventures of Dotty and Bluebell - we read the book seasonally.

I made a delicious dinner of  butternut squash, vegetarian cheese and onion sausages, goats cheese, spinach, pine nuts and fresh parsley.

I had a nice day shopping in chelmsford with my Mum and lunch at Cherry on the top.

My eldest had a cub trip to a synagoue, so we took little one to waitrose for a snack whilst we waited.

I had to buy a jar of gold Marmite!!!

I have had a little shopping spree (I have lost some weight so am a size smaller - yay!!!)
So, i really needed a big clothes try on and chuck out!!

A pretty bloom right outside the dining room window.

Cutest pj's

Whilst sorting out, i discovered all these lovelys in a handbag (they include - pictures of my eldest when he was 2, a photo of me and my nan, and me and the hubbie on our honeymoon in rome)

My wardrobe sort out was very successful!!
I was very excited to fit back into lots of clothes from a few years ago too!!
I had read a tip a while ago, about putting all your clothes in your wardrobe with the hangers the wrong way round. Everytime you wear a garment, put the hanger back in the right way. If in a year, there are still hangers the wrong way round, you haven't worn that item, so.....chuck it!!!!!!!

I had a £20 voucher for a gift shop in Chelmsford that was about to expire - i bought myself these cute Cath K tins

The boys enjoyed their school halloween disco

A romantic date night for hubbie and I:

Wearing summer dresses with thick tights, boots and cardis for Autumn

I looooove my new iphone cover!!!

I have discovered a shop called Forever 21!!! Oh my goodness, i love it - i picked up some gorgeous jewellery and a glitzy top

I do adore the new magazine - the simple things. Perfect for my word of the year.

A chilly walk with the inlaws, kids and dogs

A yearly tradition: Packing the car with blankets, books, a flask of hot choccie - and driving to the seafront to watch the fireworks.

Ikea trip

After a day of putting up shelves, mirrors, clocks etc a family dinner of sausage, mash and peas was thoroughly enjoyed

I will always have short nails - i can not break the biting habit, i have decided. I love dark polish on short nails.

Feeling patriotic

Buying Bambis on ebay

The teeniest tiniest terrapins at a garden centre

Slight pinterest addiction at the moment:

The yummiest chocs ever!!!!!!

New huge clock from Ikea

Love this program!! Mitch and Alice remind me and hubbie of us!! Ha!!! As mitch says 'We are good people, mental but good'!!!!

It is so nice to have children at the age where i can lie in now. Half term saw a couple of mornings where i could bring a cuppa back to bed whilst the boys played :)

Halloween making:

Above said choccies - mmmmmm

Making disgusting Moshi Monster cakes for Halloween

I took the boys up to London to see their Dad at work and then we wandered to horse Guards parade, Buckingham palace (where we saw Princess Anne drive by) and Harrods before heading to Westfield  to meet my man for a mooch around and dinner at Tgi Fridays.

Littlest found it very funny that the man next to him on the train kept banging his sleepy head on the table infront:

I have been waiting for this book to arrive for ages - it does not disapoint

The last of the roses

Two ebay purchases - i do love Bambis and these vintage ones are adorable.

Cutest cozy Panda top

We headed to London with friends for The Pukka up Ibiza reunion boat party and pacha club.
Hubbie and i have done well of late - managing to book amazing hotels at the last minute for better prices.
We stayed at the gorgeous 5 star Andaz hotel:

We were grateful for the late check out - we grabbed a Starbucks, some mags and headed back on the train to see our boys for a roast dinner at my in laws 

Have a great week!!!


thriftwood said...

Lovely pics ... what an eventful week! Have seen some of them as I'm following you on Instagram, don't you just love it!

Congratulations on your smaller dress size, it's a lovely feeling xx

Country Rabbit said...

helloooo lovely, i do soooooo enjoy your catch up pics of what you've been up to...i love your images, those homely pics, giftys and those adorable things in your printer trays...i too could pin all your pinterest pics too ;0)x

Tangled Sweetpea said...

Ooh you have been busy! Loads of lovely pics!
Victoria xx

thelinencloud said...

Wow ... what a busy and lovely time you have had ... love your pictures ... we need and Ikea run here too ... badly need some frames and other bits ... have a lovely week ... Bee xx

Christals Creations said...

What a great week. Love the photos.

Niki Jackson said...

I'm going to have to check out that book, seen it on lot's of IG'ers pics. Great photos of a fun filled life. Blessings Niki x