Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What i've been up to

The last couple of weeks:

  • Buying fabric to make a big Granny chic Pouffee
  • Having tea with two IG friends
  • Lovely gifts from the above friends
  • A spot of crochet
  • Shopping and lunch with my Mum
  • Bedtime reading
  • A relaxing candle lit bath
  • A couple of cute buys from Hobbycraft
  • Taking my boys to Costa after school
  • Lovely post
  • Trying a boost dunked in tea as suggested by an IG friend - who by the way now has her own blog.
  • Ideal home mag is my favourite of the Christmas issues this year.
  • I purchased a cute wooden decoration for Christmas
  • Putting out hubbies and boys trousers to dry and i realised i had put them in size order - the simple things :)
  • Making homemade biscuits
  • Taking the boys to the Natural History Museum and the amazing Hollywood Exhibition at the V & A.
  • Heading for dinner and cocktails
  • Cute buys from Dotcomgiftshop
  • The sad news of my Nan in law passing away.
  • Sorting through some of her bits and finding a receipt for the cocktail we inherited last year. It was from the 50's.
  • Eating garlicky brie and bread
  • Having an at home sort out 
  • Cleaning and sorting my dressing table and putting my Nan in laws glass set on it. Behind are the glass pots that belonged to my Nan.
  • Letting the boys stay up with biccies and hot chocolate to watch Children in Need
  • Loving One Directions new song written by Ed Sheeran
  • Having a very unusual weekend of just us and the boys.
  • We had a lovely breakfast and day in Southend - walking on the Pier and seeing santas reindeers.
  • Watching Ice age 4 with popcorn and then spag bol for dinner
  • A bike ride to the park
  • A lovely meal here



Christals Creations said...

Lots of lovely pictures. :o)

Josie-Mary said...

Love the Christmas decoration, sorry to hear your sad news. I'm hoping Santa's reindeers will be in Exeter this weekend :) xx

Country Rabbit said...

i adore your pretty fabrics and havent you and the boys been on some lovely adventures! i do miss the museums in london and there's always so much to do, always seems a bit limited in devon during the winter months. Though i have to admit we have a history museum and ive not taken sophia yet!...i love the granny chic book- the WORKS was doing it for 5.99, so i brought my twinny a copy too for christmas!

your home looks so lovely!!!!

p.s im having a night out- i feel like a granny chic not usually out after dark but im going to a cornish pub for a gig night!- better find some glad rags! wish i had your wardrobe! though i think im a bit more curvy and would find it hard to squeeze into some of your lovely clothes. I realised how lovely the H&M childrens section was today and brought sophia some lovely outfits for under 25 quid!

i need some one to style me are you free? tehe!


Candy Pop said...

I spy dottie angel - granny chic!

Sorry also to hear about your loss.