Sunday, 18 November 2012

I need.......

Obviously there are the 'I needs' in life that are, food, shelter etc etc 
but what are your fun needs? The things that if they were gone you would be pretty upset about?

Here are some of mine:

Pinboards - real life and virtual.
I am so addicted to pinterest right now!!

Dark chocolate: I like chocolate, but dark chocolate is my favourite. Ideally 80% good quality dark chocolate.

Clubbing and festivals. I may be 31 but i love a night out. Friends, music, drinks and dancing is my idea of a great night out:

Bambis - i have always liked deers. I am not sure why... maybe it was from my late Nan who also liked them. I have some of my Nans deers and i also have some vintage ones like these below. I love them, they make me smile, my obsession has been growing lately:

Films - i would rather watch a film over television - i have faves that i watch again and again - like Leap Year:

I don't eat them a lot, but i do love salt and vinegar crisps - ideally really strong ones that make your mouth twist and where you can lick the last strong bits off your fingers. Hmmm especially crushed down in a sandwich too.

Music - I have very varied tastes. I love Skrillex, Frank sinatra, Stooshe, Jack Johnson, No Doubt, Green Day, Alishas Attic, Nero, Beyonce, Jack Johnson, the list goes on.
The radio is rarely off at home - i love to listen to Radio 1. Its Nick Grimshaw and Fearne cotton in the morning and then Greg James of an evening and Sara Cox at the weekend.

Friends - If there was only one show i was allowed to watch it would be Friends. I can watch it over and over and still laugh. Every day i can say a Friends quote!!! and relate to it. I would say i am a mix of all the girls - but mostly a combo of Monica and Phoebe. My hubbie is mostly like Ross and Chandler.

I do still like to blog - but Instagram has certainly taken over - i love it!!!!

The long term readers of my blog will know my obsession of hot chocolate!! Well tea has taken over!! I do love a hot choccie still every now and then (Costas being my fave) but this last year i have become an avid tea drinker. Ideally i have it fairly weak, with the tiniest pinch of sugar and oat milk. I NEED my tea in the morning now!!

I am very pale skinned - i like it that way, but i do need blusher to stop people asking if i'm ill!!
Its my one make up item that i carry everywhere!!

Disaronno - my tipple of choice. I do have a small shot over ice most evenings

Jeans - oh where would i be without them?? I love combat ones for day and tight bootcuts for evening. They can be dressed up or down - they go with everything.

Photos - i love to look at photos - especially old ones and i love to take photos. They really are a little bit of history frozen in time:



Andi's English Attic said...

So with you on Friends. Watch an episode nearly every day with daughter.
Internet. Don't take away my Internet.
And photos. Yes, photos. The one non-alive thing I would save from my burning house.
Have a great weekend. xx

magie said...

Fab choices! Instagram has become one of my fun needs as well, it has me totally hooked :)
Great post, I love this idea..very fun. I will have to try and make a list as well..cheesecake and coffee with Bailey's would be on my list at the moment for sure.
Have a fun day x

Tangled Sweetpea said...

What a fabulous post!, definitely with you on the tea front, drink way more than I should :)
Victoria xx

thelinencloud said...

Great list ... I live in jeans and drink copious amounts of tea ... Bee xx

Josie-Mary said...

I nearly had a panic attack when my Pin It button wouldn't work!!! x

vintage grey said...

Fun post and I love those sweet deer!! Have a great week! xo Heather