Friday, 6 July 2012


A few recent makes:

Flower Fairy alphabet cushions - lavender filled.

Hearts -£3
All sort of fabrics, all sorts of words/dates/names.
Can be lavender filled or oil scented.

Bunnies - lots of fabrics including football in your chosen team colour. 
Can be personalised. £3

Mini badges - personalised/ all sorts of pictures/patterns.
Choose your favourite team, pop group etc!! £1

Italian alphabet - small lavender filled pillows. Can also be hung.

Lovely alphabet pillows with gorgeous old fashioned designs.
Can be lavender filled and can be hung too.

Cushions with an envelope fold cover - lots of fabrics/colours/designs!!
Choose a picture/ words/names.
Custom made.

£8 for one. Buy more 4 or more and get 1 free!!

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Country Rabbit said...

beautiful creations- you have been busy x

Missy said...

I love your hearts!
Found your blog a couple of weeks ago and was just having a little nose around and I think we are almost neighbours! I didn't think there was anyone else in this neck of the woods that liked the charity shop, vintagey thing! It must be you who beats me to all the good stuff!

vintage grey said...

Such beautiful and pretty creations! Love the hearts!! xo Heather

Missy said...

Hi, it's me again! Thanks for your comment over at mine. I live just up the road to you in Hockley. Not very far at all!

Josie-Mary said...

Lovely things :) xx

Chelle said...

Lovely makes! :) x

Callies Cottage said...

You have been busy...when you make your hearts do you have an'inner'heart containing the lavender/stuffing?
Lovely things...
Callie x