Monday, 16 July 2012

What i've been up to:

  • Finishing off cupcakes
  • Framing gorgeous wrapping papers - i love cheap but wonderful art
  • Halloumi for dinner - is this like the best food ever?????
  • Tiding toys continuously it seems this week
  • Ironing hubbies shirts whilst watching 24 (Can't get enough of this series)
  • Finding a tee i bought ages ago at the bottom of a bag - felt like i'd just bought something new!!!
  • Hot choc and crumpets for dinner - naughty i know, but it only happens occasionally
  • Watching a really bad film whilst hubbie was out for the night  - why did i carry on watching????? Probably because Ashton Kutcher was in it :)
  • Two pilates sessions - almost feel virtuous ;)
  • My boys sports day - all day this year!!!!! Had a banging headache after. Well done to my eldest for getting a bronze medal.
  • Littlest always falling asleep on the drive to take eldest to cubs. Aren't they cute...and quiet when they're asleep?
  • Lunch here
  • Girls night out to see this. Damn Channing Tatum is hot, and that boy can certainly move!!!!
  • The mundane but somewhat satisfying job of filling the gaps in the wooden floorboards with this stuff.
  • Heading to Milton Keynes to see Swedish House Mafias last ever UK gig
  • Having one of the best days/nights ever. It was Muddy but oh so good!!!!!!
  • A very lazy, tired Sunday - drinks and dinner at the In Laws



Country Rabbit said...

looks like you've been having a smashingly fabby time ;0) halloumi a type of cheese? not sure ive tried it ;0)
love the art ;0)xx cant wait til the end of the week, just hope the sunshine comes back ;0( very wet again here, well, at least the weekend was bright x

Thecraftytrundler said...

You have been busy!!! Lovely to see your pics : ) xx

Sharon xx

magie said...

You sure have been busy..looks like a lot of fun!
I really like the framed up wrapping paper, I wouldn't have known it was wrapping paper at all, I thought it was a looks fab!
Hot choc and crumpets..sounds like my kind of dinner :P
Congrats to your eldest for winning a bronze medal during sports day.
Magie x

Lx @ Twelve said...

Busy Lady...
Lots of beautiful moments caught...


vintage grey said...

A wonderful week, and looks like you had fun where you where with muddy boots! Congrats to your sweet son for getting a bronze medal!! Happy week to you! ox Heather

thriftwood said...

Love the framed wrapping paper, looks really effective ... also love halloumi, but definitely not the low fat variety, very rubbery and squeaky! xxx

Lyn said...

that wrapping paper framed is so clever!