Wednesday, 25 July 2012

What i've been up to

  • Sewing costumes
  • Baking tons of cakes for teachers gifts and for my Brother in Laws animal themed fancy dress pub crawl.
  • Finding a one with my hubbies initials.
  • Watching my son in his school play.
  • Loving getting my sons work at the end of the year.
  • Last day of term - can't believe my youngest has done one whole fulltime year at school and is still only 4.
  • Fantastic report from my eldest.
  • Funny report from the youngest 'Needs to learn to sit still, concentrate and listen!!'
  • Playing 'ice hockey'
  • Eating veggie hotdogs.
  • Toasting (but not eating as we are veggies) marshmallows around a camp fire.
  • Dinner here - their cinnamon ice cream is so yummy!!
  • Buying my youngest a teeny tiny pull along suitcase to take to the airport when we go on  our hols soon. Bargain price of about £6!
  • Laughing at my eldest putting toys in his bed so his little brother thinks he is asleep when actually he is downstairs getting some peace in the mornings.
  • Making my brother in Law a funny little gift - 30 lollies because '30 sucks'!!
  • Collecting dollars to put in Bro in laws birthday card to go towards his disney hols. '30' dollars from each of the people that put in.
  • Bro in laws birthday BBQ. Kids loved the bouncy castle!! Some of us adults were gutted we weren't allowed to go on. Its prompted me to hire one for an adult only party!!!!
  • Heading down to a very hot and sunny Brighton for dinner here and rides on the pier.


Love from Poppy said...

You have been so busy. Lovely piccies.

Country Rabbit said...

look at your pup!!!! superly cutie! x
you've been having lotsa summer fun by the looks of it. love the cupcakes and cards! daughters school report said she shouts out answers and giggles a lot...but teacher added she is very enthusiastic hehe ;0)xx

happy summer to you and the boys and pup!!!!! xx

Josie-Mary said...

Looks like you had fun! Maddie is so cute :) x

Lyn said...

what a fun packed time you have had! all looks great and the puppy looks so cute!

Tracy said...

Wow I am so glad I have found this blog its full of exciting posts, all of you photos on this post look scrummy. Sure looks like you had a great time. Tracy x

magie said...

Awe...Maddie is just the cutest!! What a little sweet heart..congrats on the new puppy :)
It's been perfect toasting marshmallow kind of weather lately and that cinnamon ice cream sounds delish!!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend x

Missy said...

Hi and thanks for your comment! I picked up a leaflet for that vintage fair in Leigh and thought about doing it later in the year. Is it good and worth doing? When I'm back from my holiday I'm going to mosey down and have a look, I didn't even know it was there till I saw a new shop opened and the guy told me about it.
Lovely pictures and I hope Maddie is settling in!

Amanda said...

Hello Lissy
Loved your compendium of photos. Admittedly I had to skip through the yummy pics rather quickily as I haven't got a hankie at hand (= drooling)!
you lucky lucky thing Maddie is the most gorgeous pup. I love her colour thats not a chocolate is it or perhaps she'll get darker as she gets older. Lucky you and lucky family. I am not allowed to have a dog.
You may have seen I have a giveaway on the go and it is open to everyone. Do pop in when you have time! :-)

Keep well

Amanda :-)