Thursday, 19 July 2012

Home and other things

I love my home!!
I can't believe we have been here a year now, it has gone so quick.
There is so much i want to do to put our stamp on it. But we are doing it gradually as to be honest going out and being with family is more important. Here are some pics from the last few weeks that have been on instagram - follow me at lissylou123

Instagram - pink challenge:

Instagram blue challenge:

Wrapping paper - framed for the dining room:

I got these mints in Brighton - aren't they just soooo cute??!!

Couldn't resist these pj bottoms. Perfect for me - Happy at night, Grumpy in the morning:

This purse has been lying around the house for a few days. My youngest won it in a lucky dip. Its clearly second hand (and the zips broke) but he loves it! I remember having a purse like this as a kid. Did you?

My house was a state after a busy week and heavy weekend - all tidy now though.
I took 4 pairs of shoes just for a weekend away!!!!


Lovely things:

- Making cakes for teachers gifts and for my brother in laws birthday at the weekend - best bit about making cakes? getting to try if they taste good!!
-Paracetamol - easing my headache slightly. I have a banger today!!
- I bought my son a cute little pull along suitcase for our hols - its an early birthday present, i know he's going to love it.


Country Rabbit said...

i love your home toooo ;0)
YES YES YES!!!! i do remember having a few purses like that as a child- it brang back such happy memories!...sophia's having pink milk while we wait for dinner!- but im enjoying a mug of coco ;0)x

Love from Poppy said...

O that purse brings back memories. I think I got mine at the seaside and it was red.
I love reading that people love their homes and seeing lots of personal and handmade touches around.
Love the PJs they were a great find.

Lyn said...

that purse brings back memories, mine was white with multi-coloured beads.
I love your colour challenge photos.

Lisa said...

I did have a purse like that and when one showed up in the charity shop a while back I just had to buy it!
I have been wanting to put up a map of the world in our dining room, could you tell me where you found that wrapping paper please?
Lisa x

Missy said...

Yes, I also had the purse like that (probably the first one ever made, I'm that ancient...) and my daughters had one too. One had a turquoise blue one and would take her dinner money to school in it.
Have a happy weekend. I'm going to try to get to the boot sale in Rawreth if it's a nice morning on Sunday!

Crafted by Carly said...

What a lot of great pictures! And yes, I DID have one of those purses!!! :-)
P.S. I love your new banner!

vintage grey said...

I just love your mug, it always makes me smile when I see it!! Have fun baking cakes, and trying them. ;) Have a great day!! xo Heather

Bohomumma said...

oh I remember having a purse just like that, I adored it. lots of lovely things in your house and your life - wishing you all many more years of happiness there x

Katie said...

I do remember having a purse like that! Gorgeous photos xxx

Lisa said...

Thanks for the info about the paper.
Lisa x

Jay said...

The purse takes me back to childhood holidays in blackpool & aunties giving me 50p to spend!

Florence and Mary said...

That purse certainly does bring back memories, mine was always in a jelly bag!!!

Victoria xx

BuTtOnZ said...

I love your photos, they always make me smile xx