Monday, 9 July 2012

What i've been up too

The last two weeks have been busy. Mainly sewing and making for Poppy and Daisy. But there have been some nice bits in between too:

  • Making and eating healthy dinners and treats.
  • Pilates classes.
  • Having dinner and way too much drink with neighbours.
  • Having Sunday Roast with family.
  • Watching the Oylmpic flame relay come through our town.
  • Being proud of my son having his poem published.
  • Lovely weather for the school summer fete.
  • Watching my youngest at Football.
  • Flicking through Mollie Makes and wanting too make so many things for myself!!! But only having time to make for others.
  • The best hubbie in the world bringing me in treats!!
  • Pampering myself for about 15 mins with a bath and disaronno.
  • Actually going shopping for the first time in months to buy myself a few bits from primark. I love my new waffle white dressing gown £8!! and a gorgeous dress for our holiday £15. 
  • Having lunch with my Mum, a friend and her growing 5 month old.
  • Santa Lucia pizza, disaronno and 24 with my man.
  • House jobs - cutting the jungle that was our garden, cleaning out the fish and plunging the shower - yuk!! i am a women of many talents ha ha!!
  • Having a last minute order from my cousin in law to make cushions for her sister and making glittery cupcakes for their birthdays.
  • Driving down to a rainy Harlow to see family (for above girls birthdays)
  • A lovely lay in after a late night.
  • Swimming with the boys.
  • A nice afternoon with friends and their gorgeous 12 week old lab.
  • Sunday Roast at home and then slobbing with more 24



Mamacymraeg said...

new pupppy!!?? exciting!!x

Country Rabbit said...

i love your homely shed ;0) fabby makes and look at that dinner- making me crave making some rocky road at the mo!, enjoy reading and looking at your blogs pics xx

Crafted by Carly said...

There's just WAY too much yumminess in this post - you've made me hungry. Now I'm going to obsess about going home from one of my mom's Sunday dinners!!! ;-)

magie said...

You have been busy!
Awe...a new puppy, how exciting :)
Isn't that Strawberry Yeo Valley frozen yoghurt yummy! I have been having it as well the past month or so (I am addicted to it with some fresh strawberries on top). It's far to good.
Thanks for asking how I have been doing..I am 36 weeks into my pregnancy now, so not long to go (the time is just rushing on by!).
Have a lovely day today x

vintage grey said...

Such yummy food and treats!! Looks like you've been having fun, and what sweet shed!! xo Heather

Josie-Mary said...

New puppy? Lucky thing! I think I spotted some sunshine in one of your photo's!! x