Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Which shoes?

I have a wedding to go to soon. Which shoes should a girl wear??
I have lots, most have never been worn. I put them in their boxes piled on top of each other in my wardrobe and then stick to my trusty favourites.
So as i was deciding which pair to wear to the wedding, i decided, lets take some pictures to print off and stick on the boxes so i can remember what i have.
Below are some (yes some!) of my shoes:

And just incase you are wondering.......i'll be wearing these:



....cupcakesandbiscuits said...

Good choice.......Imelda!!
Ali xx

Jackie said...

Wow - what a great selection to choose from! x

bekimarie said...

Looks like we have a Carrie Bradshaw in the making here, you'll be wanting a closet like she had in the movie next lol.
I'm trying to pick a favourite pair but I can't, all lovely.

B xxx

lou said...

Shoe heaven…love them all!!!

A belated happy birthday love Lou xxx

♥coco rose♥ said...

OMG shoe envy!

Lisa said...

My sister has a shoe thing too. I think you can probably rival her with that selection of your selection!
Love all the curvy shaped ones.
Lisa x

Florence and Mary said...

You should see Kelly's shoe collection - she has hundreds of pairs!

Victoria x

Mimi and Tilly said...

I love the sparkly ones! I do the same thing. I have shoes in my wardrobe that I love but never wear. It's bonkers! x

periwinkle said...

you like your round toes don't you - the only shoes I collect are converse . Don't think I could walk in heels if you paid me lol.... Thank you so much for the lovely package too, it arrived this morning x

LittleGem said...

Hi Lissy,
LOVE all the Mary Janes, they are my fave type of shoe too - well I live in flats but for fancy things I wear mary janes. I have the same pair you are wearing to the wedding in silver from New Look. I hope you are going to show us your outfit too!

Lululiz said...

That is some shoe collection!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Ooh! Nice shoes!


Kissed by an Angel said...

I don't think you have enough shoes!! Buy more!!! Great collection!!!

Annie @ Birdcages n Butterflies x said...

GOSH My eyes have turneed green!!!!!
Fab selection there hunny!!!
Oh and did I see a £3 sale sticker there too???
Thanks for sharing the prettiness!!
Annie x

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

Oooh I want to go shopping in your closet!!

Andi's English Attic said...

As a woman I realise I'm supposed to adore shoes and have loads. I have to admit, shoes don't 'do it' for me. I can't even remember any shoe I have in my wardrobe, it's been so long since I wore them.
Now boots... boots are an entirely different matter. I've lost count how many pairs of boots I have - but like you with shoes, I stick to my few favourites. xx

daisy daydreams said...

Love the tesco tins, a must have. Shoes shoes shoes, I just love em, especially high heels - my fav...xxx