Monday, 10 May 2010

Vintage and Handmade fair/Birthday

I haven't posted for a while...not sure why really, bit busy/didn't fancy it....
But here i am with a spare few minutes to post about my trip to The Vintage and Handmade fair in Chipping Sodbury and my Birthday that was on Friday.

The Fair

I really wanted to visit this fair, so as part of my birthday, the hubbie and me spent 2 nights away.
Our first stop was the lovely fair.

It was a real treat. I only wish i lived nearer so that i could visit every one.
I met some of the lovely bloggers, which was great.

The stalls were all lovely, i went round a fair few times, as i was a little overwhelmed!!

I wish now that i had taken some more photos, but i felt a bit strange doing that so i just took a couple of pics of Sals stall and Hens.

There are lots of pics over blogland for you to see.

Here are the goodies i bought:

Some pretty yellow fabric from Donna, a union jack heart and cards from Henhouse, A pretty Kate Greenway tin from Jayne, noddy magnets from cowboys and custard and Kitsch and curious. A beautiful cushion from Amanda Critchlow and a button bag, and pretty notebook pouch from the lovely Sal.

We stayed here for 2 nights, an excellent position for the fair. However i'm not too sure if i would return, as it was very noisy and the breakfasts were early. It would be perfect if we were up and out, but we could have done with some lovely lay ins as we didn't have the boys!!

To our surprise..through this door was a lounge area and a lovely bathroom!

We also visited Bath, which we always love. And one of our favourite restaurants: Demuths.
We went to the cinema and saw Dear John, oh my goodness, it was so lovely yet a tearjerker!
Plus Channing Tatum...yum!!

Some other buys from that weekend:

I also recieved a lovely hanging heart from my hubby which i have yet to photograph.

My Birthday

It was my birthday on Friday. My little one was ill, so i missed my birthday lunch with my best friend :(
But he was well enough by the evening, so we had some family over to celebrate.
I had 2 yummy vegan cakes from here:

They are really moist and yummy!!

I got some great gifts. Would you like to see?

My best friend got me: A handbag fund moneybox, a Marilyn and Audrey box (to keep my new buisness cash, recipts etc in, and made me the most gorgeous card (above).

My Mum thoroughly spoilt me with, choccies, shortbread, A heart chopping board, and all what you see in the picture below this one (i can't wait to start reading the Grace Kelly book and i love the daisy food cover!) She also got me and her tickets to go and see Julie Andrews (i'll tell you about that in a minute). 

My lovely hubby got me the trip away and all the things i bought there, gave me money for some shopping and him and the boys got the Tinkerbell DVD, the notebooks and a cook book. One of the sweetest little gifts was chosen by my eldest son, who bought the fairy pad, glue and sequins!!

My inlaws got me some fairy light orchids and lovely choccie heart moulds, and the 2 books you see below.

I recieved some vouchers, choccies and bubblebaths from my a spending spree will be happening soon!!

On to Julie:

My mum and i cried so much!!

To see 'Mary Poppins/Maria' in the flesh was a dream come true. And to sing along to Do, re, me with her was wonderful!!!

Thank you Mum, i loved it, and our dinner and cocktails beforehand :)

Now on to some little extras: I want to say big thank yous to the lovely ladies have i bought these lovely cushions from for my spare/work room.
Mary/Beki/Helen...they are gorgeous.

Helen also sent me this lovely heart that is hanging on my desk chair.

Don't forget to head out and buy Easy Living Magazine for your free tote bag and 15% off CK.
It doesn't include everything...unfortunately i went on the web today and it said my 3 items didn't qualify :(



Floss said...

Happy Birthday (belatedly) and what a wonderful time you had! I love your stories of the good times, and the photos too. I bought myself Perfect English Cottage (secondhand) as a treat and it really is the best homes book I own. Enjoy!

Jackie said...

What a lovely birthday treat! Seems as though you had some lovely pressies too - thanks for sharing x

a mermaids purse said...

how truely wonderful! you have sooo much eye candy i could spend a life time just sitting here admiring!!! glad you had a fabulous time at the V&H fair and a few days away- your room looked really lovely!-shame they did the breakfasts early- especially when your having time out!....glad you had a lovely evening birthday celebration wih family- you must have such a wonderful family to spoil you the way they did ;0)x
love the coushions- really pretty.
Thanks for sharing ;0)xx

Kissed by an Angel said...

You have certainly been having a lovley time!!! Beautiful hotel (was it?) looks gorgeous!!! you had some grat gifts too!! Happy belated birthday!!

maryannlucy said...

Happy belated birthday x
Sorry I missed you at the V+H Fair, looks like you were there after me, as I bought a brooch from Hen's stall from the frame and it isn't in your photo. Maybe bump into you another day x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

What a fab time and fab pressies you lucky thing. Happy Birthday!

Florence and Mary said...

You and I both big kids as I got the Tinkerbell dvd for my birthday!!

It was great to finally meet you at the V&H fair, like you said how funny that we live so close yet thats where we finally meet.

I'm soooo jealous you got to see Julie Andrews.

Victoria xx

Josie-Mary said...

Looks like you had a great weekend. It was lovely to meet you at the fair. That hotel looks lovely & I'm very jealous you got to see Julie Andrews :( x

Lisa said...

Many happy (belated) birthday wishes.
So many lovely presents for you to enjoy.
I'm so pleased you enjoyed the JA concert so much. I was listening to Radio 4 yesterday and so many people were complaining about it!
Lisa x

Country Cottage Chic said...

So pleased to hear that you enjoyed the fair - it was nice to meet you!
You certainly were spoilt on your birthday - lucky you!


Crafting in the beach hut said...

I am so going to show this post to my husband so he can prepare for my next birthday ;o) Belated happy bday - looks like you had a blast! Thanks for sharing your pretty treats, Lucy
PS Copy of Free Living arrived today with the CK catalogue and bag - am saving the mag til the weekend - CK catalogue looks fab! xox

Chetna@BlueLotusCakes said...

Belated birthday wishes to you too! Great to hear you enjoyed the cakes.

fairmaiden said...

hello hun, haven't been by in a while...I didn't even know you opened a shop! good for you. Glad you are well. ox~ Fairmaiden