Thursday, 21 May 2009


This is a post about stuff!!
I recieved this lovely letter with a picture on the otherside from my eldest when we got back from Venice about a week and a half ago. The boys were in bed so he left us it. Very cute!! My boys christening was such a lovely time. As christening stuff is geared towards babies they chose to have Ben 10 for my eldest and Fifi and the flowertots for the youngest.
I found this lovely little sign for my eldest. It's what we say to each other, ever since we read Guess how much i love you when he was tiny.
My mum loves to write rhymes and poems, this was the one in the christening card. (The first line is not there as it has the boys names in it)
Spending time with their Grandparents when we were in Venice ment they came back with lots of new toys!! They get so spoilt!Another little inheretence from my Nan and Grandad. We actually bought them this when my Mum, Dad and i went to Disneyworld when i was 9. The picture doesn't show it off very well, it's actually very sparkly!!
New purchases from H&M last week.
We got this little fellow when we visited Colchester zoo about a month back. I find meerkats hilarious! I had to get it as my eldest made we chuckle by standing on a rock and coping the classic meerkat pose! He looks like he is guarding the books!
Very proud of my boy this week for being Beaver scout of the week.
Some lovely buys with birthday money.
This lovely little clutch was only £5 from the lovely lady who did my colours at House of colour.
I got this on the plane back from Venice. I am a big Gwen Stefani fan and think her perfumes are so cute. I only actually only like the smell of this one. It smells just like pina coladas, very summery!!
Another new bag, goodness 3 in one week!! Luckily i don't spend alot on bags, these 3 together came to less than £20
Oh here is Fifi again!! i'm not sure how to delete the pics once they are on, any ideas??
My hubby got us this. He has been on it quite alot, i haven't at all. I will, but i am suffering with sciatica at the moment. Ouch!!!
Such a cute buy from Tiger. It came with chalk and a chalk board cleaner. It was only about £2 i think.
Well theres some recent stuff, no doubt more next week!!


Charlotte Evans, Cottontails said...

Dear Lissylou, thanks for the lovely comment. Just reading your post and seeing the lovely treats from H&M and fabulous pink handbag and perfume and things (all gorgeous!), you know it makes me realise how hectic, stretched and broke I have been for so long, and how I hope - really hope - that things will change for me soon... I long to buy some lovely things!!

Loved the welcome home note ('welcome to home' note) :-)

Love Charlotte

Lace hearts said...

what a lot of lovely pics, and such a cheerful post. Thank you, and thank you for popping by and leaving a comment.

Doolallysally said...

What a lovely poem your mum wrote. I love the meerkat too. You're so good at finding bargains, it's inspired me to look too! Have a great half term. Love Salx

Florence and Mary said...


Don't worry about not realising I'd changed my blog... just a new look for me!

Isn't Venice wonderful? I'm lucky enough to have visited a couple of times. I always remember staying with my grandparents when my mum and dad went on hols and my parents now look after my brother's son when they go away and they treasure the time.

Victoria xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your lovely comments
Your whole blog is adorable, a lovely place to bring a cup of tea and have alovely read.
Many happy returns for your Birthday last week, looks like you were thoroughly spoilt I'm sure you deserved it, you are sweet person.
Warm wishes for a wonderful weekend