Friday, 29 May 2009

New goodies!! AND to move or not to move?!?

Yay!! look who came in the post!! Billy!! from The Vintage Magpie. Isn't he just so gorgeous? I bought him with some birthday money from my Dad. Little Billy is very happy and cosy on my bed. I've also recieved 2 other parcels this week. One was my lovely giveaway prize from knitty, vintage and rosy. You can see the lovely goodies i won here. I haven't taken a picture as they have been in use from the instant i recieved them!!

And the second parcel was my freestyle swap from A Thrifty Mrs.
Look at these lovely goodies!! Thank you Mrs Thrifty xxxxx
Here is what i sent her.
I love these blog swaps!!

Now, this has been playing on my mind the last few days, weeks!!
We have seen a house we like, but we don't actually have plans to move as we do like where we are.
However i love the house i've seen too. Actually we have put an offer in and it's been accepted but under the condition we sell ours. So it's still on the market. We took the plunge and put ours up!! If we don't get the house we will stay put, so that means we could lose abit of money. Aggghhhhh!!!

There are bits i love in my house, but i guess it's more possessions and decor that i like than the style of the house.
I love the reading area on the landing.
I love the light that comes into our bedrooms through 3 windows.
My ensuite dressing room is my favourite room, i shall miss it.

We have a great size dining room.

The bathroom is lovely and light.
And the conservatory is pretty but not used very much.
On the otherhand, i hate the kitchen and that i have to park my car on the road. I don't like the look of the house either - it's a chalet. But the area is great.
So, my reasons to move to the house we've seen are:
It's bigger, it's pretty outside - even though it's not an old style house that i like it does have the door in the middle with windows around that i've always liked and sash windows!!
The house could also be decorated to how i would love it to be. And it has a great conservatory that i think would be used.
It's also just down the road, so still a great area.
So we are going for it, and if we don't get it then we will stay where we are and do the kitchen and maybe a trip away. So all in all we shouldn't be too disappointed!!


Thecraftytrundler said...

Those swaps are lovely!!
Good luck with the move, I hope everything works out for the best!! Your house looks lovely, and it sounds as though it's a nice area, so that helps! The new house sounds lovely too!


Sharon xx

Lavender hearts said...

You are as bad as us! We've offered before selling ours on the last 2 houses. It's an incredibly stressful way of doing it! The first time we took out a bridging loan (would not advise that now, it would financially ruin you!) and the second time we ended up offering 10k more than another buyer had offered them to try desperately to keep the house. We got it by the skin of our teeth, but by god I don't EVER want to have to go through that again.

You have to go for it though. I think things are picking up a bit now. A house on our lane just sold within 2 weeks, which is pretty damn good. Why would you lose money if you stayed put?

Jemm said...

Great swap presents! I think whether you get the house or not you will a lovely home, just by the looks of things :)

charl said...

oo hope you get it.. its fatal once you see a house and fall in love isnt it..
i cant stop thinking about a house that i went to view last month but hubby wont hear of it yet ( the misery!!) ...
if you get it think of all the lovely decorating you can do yay!!
but if not you'll get a nice holiday so yay to!!

Lavender hearts said...

I see, we didn't have to do that. Think it came in afer us. It might seem like a lot, but % wise it's well worth doing if you want that house. For exmaple, it amazes me how few people do surveys. You'd think that they'd want to given that they are spending 100s thousands, surely a few hundred quid is worth it.

I say go for it! It won't be easy, it's stressful, we argued almost every day but it is worth it if you really want it.

periwinkle said...

the freestyle swap was great wasn't it - roll on the Seaside one .... I hope all goes well with the house whatever you decide to do

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

Oh now you HAVE to post more photos of your ensuite dressing room, oh the luxury!!!

twiggypeasticks said...

Thanks for the lovely message you left on my blog x Lovely swaps! I know what you mean about moving house, I'm perfectly settled but whenever we've been by the sea I start looking at Rightmove! Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
Twiggy x

Jacoline said...

Thanks for the sneak peek of your house it is lovely!!