Thursday, 29 January 2009

I have a confession to make......

I sat down yesterday while my youngest was napping to read through some of your lovely blogs with a lovely cup of tea in one of my favourite mugs and some lovely biscuits that i treated myself to in Waitrose, I planned to just have a couple but instead........i ate the whole box!!

There i feel a little better about being so gluttonous now i have shared.

I don't go to waitrose very often but i wanted to see if they had any valentines bits in (they didn't) and to buy the red John Lewis sewing machine (it's out of stock). So instead i bought some Easter treats for the kids, a bit early i know but i wanted to get them whilst i saw them:

I love Lambs, so i bought this lovely tin of biscuits.

A great little tin of chocolate eggs

For my youngest, he loves me singing Humpty Dumpty. It comes with chocolate soliders.

And these lovely Easter napkins, and some christmas ones in the sale.
Now i must stop spending, i must, i must, i must!!!



Thecraftytrundler said...

We have a Waitrose near us. As it's payday Saturday, I will have to pay a visit there & indulge!!! You can always make up for it later. Bike ride with the family perhaps?! It is supposed to be sunny today I heard.
Lovely buys!

Have a great day!!

Sharon xx

MaryPoppins said...

I do love Waitrose, though it really is a treat to shop there, have you seen the sweet Peter Rabbit food for children, I think i bought some cornflakes, pasta, juice and biscuits from the range and the bill was £20

Love chocolate here too :)


Doolallysally said...

I can see from the photo they are mini biscuits so come on, that's OK isn't it?!
Love the Easter Waitrose treats - will have to pop over there soon! Love Sal x

Jemm said...

What pretty Easter finds! You're smart for thinking ahead. When is Easter this year?

LittleGem said...

What a shame about the red sewing machine, I think they have been really popular. Don't feel too guilty about the biscuits, I can't have tea without them! (Well I can but I don't want to!) X

Shabby Chick said...

Oh I do things like that all the time (won't tell you what size I am though!!!). Shame about the sewing machine but I really like your other buys.

Mel xxx

vicki archer said...

Such sweet things you managed to find, xv.

periwinkle said...

I do that all the time ( eat the biscuits ) probably why I'm always on a diet :-)
lisa x

lou said...

Those Easter treats are so cute!

I think you should have at least shared those biscuits with me! :0)

Love Lou xxx