Tuesday, 13 January 2009


I have a thing for bags and own far more than i need. Ioften end up using the same one for months because i can't be bothered to change, so i try and hang up as many as i can so at least i can look at them!!

My favourite bags to take shopping

This cute bag was a charity shop find

My husband bought me this bag in cambridge

my best sparkly clutch

My lovely little clutch that i used on our wedding day

This almost looks vintage, but was actually from Next!

I used this bag at my wedding reception, it is my favourite bag of all, the picture doesn't do it justice


Shabby Chick said...

Hi, thanks so much for coming by my blog and your lovely comment :)

Love your bag collection, you've got some scrummy ones. Your blog background is gorgeous.

Mel xxx

Redwoodhouse said...

Hi Lissylou, have just read you comment on my blog from a while ago so sorry about that. What a fantastic collection of handbags they are so pretty your wedding day one is beautiful. I love your little rhyme about smiling...

bekimarie said...

That's certainly a lovely collection of handbags!
Take care
Beki xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

I love bags too!! You have a gorgeous selection!! Do you make any yourself? I have made a few, and a great website is www.craftster.org.You can see hundreds of bags people have made, also there are tutorials on there too.
Love the background, I want one to add to my new blog. Is it possible to tell me where they can be obtained from?
P.S. You are very welcome to visit the blog, I am really enjoying blogland!

Take care

Sharon x

varun said...

nice range!!Shawls and Scarves