Friday, 16 January 2009

More best bits

I read an idea once, where you put all your little bits in one bowl. It clears up space, saves them getting lost and you can look at them whenever you want. This bowl has some of my most treasured bits: a lucky keyring, a heart from the day i got engaged, a wedding photo, a necklace that belonged to my great nan, and a trinket box from the vatican are among them.

I love to paint plates and bits, i haven't done it for about a year, but i hope to start it up again. These are 2 of my favourites.

My loveliest smelling perfume

I adore this Bathina from Benefit, it smells lovely and gives me a gorgeous sheen.

Some of my favourite bracelets.

I really love this figurine called 'brothers' It is in the playroom. It really reminds me of my 2 boys.

This fairy picture is a bit faded by the sun, but i love it, it came from a shop in Paris. I hope to go back to get another.

My chalk board, that gets updated regularly by the whole family with pictures and messages. This fairy was a quick scribble by me, but it turned out quite well i think.

A great little teaset perfect for afternoon teas.

It was our 5th wedding anniversary last week and this was a lovely card i got from my friend Lisa, i love the picture, it makes me wish of spring and lovely picnics.


Shabby Chick said...


I think your fairy cup and plate are just adorable, you're really good at drawing. I love Willow Tree figures, your little sculpture is so cute.

Mel xxx

Lucy Bloom said...

Oh I love bits in bowls, and especially in boxes where I forget about them and then come across them unexpectedly - makes my day!

lou said...

I love the figurine of the boys; I have got two boys so I think that is really sweet!

love Lou xxx