Thursday, 2 August 2012

What i've been up to

oh my goodness, i'm exhausted!! it has been a manic week - mostly been preparing for a holiday, that and the normal weekly things that housewives, mums and part time workers do!!! I haven't even had time to have a bath or remove the black nail varnish from the animal pub crawl a couple of weeks ago. I was going to have a chill tonight and pamper myself a little, but theres still loads to do and i really must cut the hubbies hair!!!!!!

literally writing this post in bits whilst sorting dinner etc

These piccies are a mixture of the end of last week and this week:

  • Having some yummy brekkies, healthy lunches (although i have forgot to make myself lunch twice this week!!) and quick and easy but nutritious 20 minute dinners.
  • An Indian with family
  • Seeing my friend and her gorgeous baby
  • Going on the open top bus along southend
  • Making up gifts for my Mums birthday
  • Mums dinner at Santa Lucia and Lunch at Ocean beach
  • Being suprised at getting Mollie Makes through the door (thought my subscription had ended)
  • Getting very wet with friends at a bouncy fun day - what good mums we are!! the kids loved it so we stayed and got soaked!
  • strawberries and cream and a walk along Leigh seafront. love the shop there.
  • Doing the library summer read with the boys
  • Eating costas huge custard creams!!!
  • Tractor riding, lamb feeding, duck racing, zip wiring at Barleylands farm
  • My youngest opening his first pressies from his nan as we will be away for his birthday.
  • giving and recieving gorgeous swaps
  • putting up some pics that ive had for months
  • recieving a potty mouths toothbrush holder and a butterfingers dish from the big tomato company factory outlet
  • The youngest playing with the many boxes we have had this week
  • tidying the house
  • making list after list of jobs to do
  • writing and sending birthday cards to the people whos birthdays it is when we are away
  • Getting my new glasses - yay!! no more headaches
phew!!! and tons more that ive probably completely forgot about - roll on holiday!!!!!!



Tracy ~ If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Baked A Cake said...

I love photo's and this mix summed up your day I have to say those Heinz mixed beans are the best! I know how you feel in regards to pamper time I forgot what its like to have a bath ever since having children its a QUICK shower. Hope you get all of your jobs done. Your puppy is super cute you will have endless fun.

Take care.... Tracy x

Gem said...

Wow you have been busy.

I really like these posts that you do and how you appreciate all the small little details in your week, it should be a lesson to us all :) Have a great weekend my lovely x x x x

Katie said...

Lovely photos as always. Thanks for sharing. xxx