Monday, 22 August 2011

Lovely stuff:

This week has been a good one, I am off crutches, out of my boot and will be driving very soon.

For a long while i have wanted a bureau, and now i am in my new house i have space for one.
Today i spotted one on freecycle and have just come back from picking it up!! I have given lots of things on freecycle but this is the first thing i have ever got myself - i love it. It needs a clean and i will be painting it white of course:

I have also recently won two giveaways.

The first from Sew Ray Me :
I love the little bag it all came in, there were also some safety pins and needle (already in use) and a lovely little homemade lavender hanging (that i forgot to photograph, and again, already in use):

And the second is Bee Happys ribbon giveaway:

Thank you ladies, these hugely cheered me up.

Please go visit both these ladies gorgeous blogs.



A mermaids purse said...

awwww glad your getting better on the foot ;0)x
i love your freecycle find thats fab! ive heared of this through my essex friends and they've picked up some lovely things ;0)
I love the bureau my sister was given my dads one when we were growing up for her bedroom- i was so very jealous! its had such sweet little draws and letter shelves...brings back memories of sneeking into my twinnys room to have a look through it hehe ;0)x

faith76 said...

Lovely giveaway prezzi wins and love that bureau. What a find.

Leah x

Madison said...

Glad your foot is on the mend. You did well on Freecycle. I look forward to seeing it after it's makeover.

Madison xxx

Mimi and Tilly said...

Glad you're getting better. Congratulations on your wins! Your bureau looks lovely, I'm looking forward to seeing the fnished product! Em x

bibbitybob said...

Ooh, much fabulousness! I can't wait to see what you do with the bureau x

♥ Miss Tea said...

lucky you! lovely giveaway goodies you won! and i can't wait to see the result of the bureau once u've finished with it! i'm sure it'll look gorgeous in white! x susan

Isobel said...

Congratulations on winning those giveaway, lucky girl!
That bureau is gorgeous. And I am sure it will look like a dream after the painting.

Lyn said...

your almost home and dry, well done!
I have never 'done' Freecycle but sounds like a great idea and the bureau will look great when painted white.

Floss said...

That little bureau is so sweet inside... I can't wait to see what you do with it! Thanks for your comment on my blog - I'm really enjoying seeing who likes what.

Monica said...

Hope you are doing well with your foot! And wow, what a stunning bureau you got! Can't wait to see it with the white treatment ;)
Thanks for commenting about my pencils- yes, they're absolutely fantastic (I have noticed only now I've used the word 'incredible' 5 times on my post!!!:)))I have now edited it... maybe I sounded a bit too thrilled for them... Hehe.
Have a nice rest of the day,
Monica xo

Romi and Bob said...

I am looking forward to seeing your painted bureau.I have some furniture to paint that is in my garage at the mo'. I need to crack on and do it.
Your giveaway wins look gorgeous.