Monday, 21 March 2011

Almost Mothers day

Treat your Mum (or yourself) to a handmade or vintage pressie like one of these:

Small scented hearts £2.50/ cottages £2.50/ bell £2.50 / plate £3.00/ teacups £2.50 each

These and much more from:



Bee happy said...

Hi, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, I can now look at your lovely blog too :) Thanks for your order, I have just got back from the post office so it's winging its way to you as I write! Hope your little boy loves bunny as much as I do!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Mimi and Tilly said...

Gorgeous things! I love the muted colours of the first heart. Sometimes I get carried away with bright colours! Have a great week. Em x

Jemm said...

Hello stranger ;) I love that linen "with love" heart! May have to make one myself. I hope you are well.

Tilly said...

love the cho lab looks alot like my choc lab remmie :) I have 6 labs 1 yellow, 2 choc and 3 black :)

flowers online brisbane said...

These things are so beautiful, I really love them, I think that they are really nice gifts.