Monday, 21 March 2011

New books

I really love Amazon - alway seems to be so much cheaper than everywhere else and most products come with free delivery. I ordered these books and they came the next day!!!

This book doesn't have many words but is great for Audrey or style fans. It has wonderful photos and 59 little tips to be more like Audrey.

I also ordered Pollyanna - one of my favourite films. As you can see from my to do list in the sidebar - reading Pollyanna is one of them. As you can see i recieved a different cover - but i love it!!!!!!

Happy Reading!!


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Callies Cottage said...

I have such a long wishlist on Amazon...
I am pleased to find a fellow Pollyanna fan- I love the whole feel of the film...and I read the book as a child too- wonderful.
We could all do with a little Pollyanna in our lives!
Happy Spring!
Callie x