Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Radio 1 and comic relief

After suffering from a horrible long migrane yesterday, i have spent the last hour chilling. I grabbed a trashy magazine whilst doing my weekly food shop and had my fave hot choc in my fave chill out mug.

This is what is on my Tele - very addictive watching for Radio 1 fans!!!
Chris Moyles and comedy Dave are trying to break the record for the longest ever Radio show in add of comic relief.

At the moment they are joined by the lovely Fearne Cotton.

You can donate by texting 'CHRIS' to 70011: And you can watch on BBC 1 by pressing the red button. I have this hoorible feeling i'm going to be watching this for most of the next 2 days!! I may not get much done!!

Thats Chris to 70011



Florence and Mary said...

What's the story with Josie, I'm assuming it's not about her and John James is it?

Victoria xx

Tilly said...

Me to I have it playing on my laptop :) I have donated some money... come on Chris and Comedy Dave you can do it!

Mummy Boo Bear said...

I have been listening on and off on the radio today. Always have radio 1 on in the mornings! Havent got round to seeing it on the t.v. though!

I hope they can acheive their goal.

Hope you are feeling better now.


Esther said...

They are very funny! I'm listening to them on R1 at work x

Gem said...

I love Chris Moyles, he is always sure to put a smile back on your face and make you laugh out loud no matter what mood you were in before : ) The man is brilliant xxx

Lace hearts said...

He certainly makes you laugh, that one. Am looking forward to watching some tonight. x