Friday, 30 July 2010

Day 19/ 30 things

Day 19

A talent of yours:

I wasn't sure about this..i think my talents are like alot of bloggers, sewing, drawing, mothering etc.
But i wouldn't say i'm hugely talented at anything!! Some of you are so fabulous at what you do.

So i decided to do a couple of quizzes...entitled Whats my talent??

And here are the results:

1.Totally Original.

Sometimes people can't understand you at all... You have your own way to live your life, so your main talent probably would be something arty and creative, like writing, painting or playing music. Some advice? Don't EVER try to follow the others, you are yourself and if you stop being yourself, all your magic will be gone.

2.You have so many talents no career can top that.But just follow your heart and choose your own.No quiz can say what career is best for you.You have way too many talents!I'm sure I'll be seeing your face in the cover of a magazine some day!

Hee hee
Well it passed the time and i guess i have realised that my talent is just that.....i am me, i am original!!!!



Rubyred said...

Good morning and thanks for popping by! Loved your Paris post, I haven't been yet! So many places to see in the world! Loved the picture in your bedroom too and what a bargain!
You have a great day too!
Rachel x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Love it! there is no better talent than being original :-)

Josie-Mary said...

hahaha...great answer :)