Saturday, 24 July 2010

Day 13/ 30 things

A fictional book

My most recent loved book is A vintage affair by Isabel Wolff

(Taken from Isabel Wolffs site)
In  'A Vintage Affair', the heroine, Phoebe Swift, has just opened a vintage dress shop in Blackheath. At the same time she is coping with the recent loss of her best friend, Emma. So Phoebe takes refuge in her work - restoring these wonderful old clothes to their former glory so that they can go on to have new lives. But what of the past lives these clothes have lived she often wonders? What stories would they tell if they could speak? One day Phoebe meets an elderly French woman, Therese, who wishes to sell her some elegant dresses and suits. In Therese's wardrobe Phoebe also finds a child's sky-blue winter coat, from wartime France. At first Therese wishes not to reveal the coat's history but, as the two women become friends, she opens up. Phoebe listens to the poignant story of the little blue coat not knowing that it is to have a profound and uplifting connection with her own life...

This wonderful book had me hooked from the start.

Romance and vintage clothes.....what more could a girl want?



Andi's English Attic said...

The story line sounds vaguely familiar although I'm pretty sure I've never read the book. I shall look out for it in the charity shops and give it a read. xx

bekimarie said...

This is now on my wish list!

B xxx

Lisa said...

I started to read this and then had to stop after I went to my monthly book club and got our new book to reAd, will go back and finish it though.
Lisa x said...

Another book to add to my must read list! Suie xx

Country Style Living said...

I have been waiting to collect this book for some time from the Library...I think I am next on the list, I wish it would hurry up!

Lyn said...

I think I will have this on my list too!

Annie said...

I really enjoyed this book when I read it and the picture on the front is nice too.
Ann x

Josie-Mary said...

This has been on my wish list for months, it sounds really good...hope I get it for my birthday :) x

OhSoVintage said...

This sounds just my sort of book. I shall add it to my TBR list.

Annie @ Birdcages n Butterflies x said...

I read this book and really enjoyed it!! Its nice to escape in a good book for a litle while!
Enjoy hunnies!
Annie x