Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Day 3/ 30 things

Fave TV Programme

Friends!!! (Sex and the city is a close second)

It doesn't matter how many times i see an episode, i can always watch it, laugh and love it.
In my mind there is no other sitcom like it.



Pink Milk said...

You have super taste! Am in complete agreement with you on this one!!!

Oh, and QI too.


Victoria Plum said...

I love Friends too! Mr Plum got me the box set of all 10 seasons for my birthday which I am planning on working my way through while on maternity leave!! I must have seen every episode a million times - but I still laugh!! It's brilliant!!!

Florence and Mary said...

I'll have to agree with you on this, I too can watch the episodes over and over again and still laugh.

I'm so annoyed though as I had the DVD collection and sold it figuring they were always on Channel 4 and E4 so there wasn't really a need for the DVDs and now they're cancelling it!!

Victoria xx

Lyn said...

I agree Friends is one of the few programmes you can watch over and over again.

daisy daydreams said...

Here here, the one with Ross and the fake tan - oh my, how I laugh....x

bekimarie said...

Friends is the BEST!
We have the whole collection on dvd and yet still watch on tv, never tire of it.

B xxx

sitting oh so pretty said...

I love friends too...I remember when I was pregnant with my youngest son...I watched them over and over hormones were all over the place and I remember laughing so much that I was constantly wanting to pee!! Love them and will never get tired of them!!xxxx