Thursday, 17 June 2010

Swaps, gifts, trolls and pampering

I took part in a Fairytale swap.

My partner was Rebecca from Few things really Matter
I chose to recieve Little Mermaid goodies.
Here is what i got!!!  Edible cake toppers, Felt and ribbons, A gorgeous handmade bookmark, lovely glittery table scatters, A plastic table cloth (i feel an under the sea themed bbq coming on), a badge, pencil (i love fluffy girly disney pencils!!), and 2 necklaces. Thank you so much Rebecca, i love it all!! xxxx

Rebecca chose Alice In Wonderland, i sent:

A handmade card and notebook, some handmade tags and bookmark, some felt, ribbon, and buttons, A copy of Alice in Wonderland, a postcard that i found in the lake District and some goodies that i bought from my Red Heart stash - A heart, candle and choccies (I now have another £10 to send off to the BHF from these items and some others i sent off in another swap).


My friend and i went here on Sunday...we had a lovely pampering day (A present from our hubbies and kids from Mothers Day) It was great..i need another one!!!
My friend sent me this lovely card a few days after....i love her cards (i've posted about them before).
I keep saying she should sell them...What do you think???
(I know she reads this)

I made a bit of an extravagant purchase this week:

You can read about it here.
I hate body hair and i thought i'd give it a go....If it works it will be well worth the money. Amazon seem to sell it at the best price. I'll let you know of my progress.


My son has a pencil with a troll on it. He came home from school yesterday asking if he could have some little trolls to keep in his pencil case like some others at school do.....He was very surprised when i came down from the loft with this little lot!!!!
Theres a couple of big soft trolls somewhere too.

Did you take part in the troll craze of  the early 90's?


What are you up to for fathers day??
We are taking the hubbie and his dad for an indian.
Little one came home from preschool with this cake yesterday...too long to keep it for Sunday, so the 3 off them had it last night after dinner.

Enjoy your weekend 
And Happy Fathers day to all the daddies


a mermaids purse said...

hehehe yes i collected trolls in the early 90's was about 12-13 at the time...i remember there was a troll day at school and we all brought our favs in hehe ;0)xx
love the fairytale swapsie goodies- im just sending mine off ;0) to my lovely partner alexandra!
what delightful gifts you both recieved ;0)xx

a mermaids purse said...

i also remember a boy chanting this in the playground "karen hull the good luck troll"...oh dear

Sal said...

There was also a real craze for trolls (and gonks!) back in the 60s when I was at school! I remember it well...although I did only possess one of these very strange 'creatures'.
I think I was too busy knitting clothes for my sister's Sindy doll, to start a collection of trolls!

jackanne said...

Hi i hope you enjoyed your stay in the Angel inn in Winderemere we often stay over as its not that far from where we live!(LOVELY MEALS.I am so enjoying your lovely blog xx .. can you remember THE SMURFS!I had loads of them.. "wish i still did ha!" great memories!! xx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Glad you got a pamper day, what a fab idea. oh trolls, what happy memories that brings back. I didn't have as many as you but I used to love my troll, how fab that your son is into them now. I bet he thought Christmas had come early when he saw them :-)

sitting oh so pretty said...

Lovely post to read! I do remember the trolls but only had a couple. I have got one sitting in my herb garden that I found in a charity shop, he seems to like it there hehexx

Florence and Mary said...

WOW I can't believe you still have our troll collection. Kelly & I call each other trolls!

Victoria xx

Monica@The White Bench said...

Ha! Would like to know if your 'extravagant purchase' works well! You've intrigued me, and I checked it out. :))
Thanks for sharing and for your lovely comment about my studio!