Saturday, 19 June 2010


I've posted lots in the past about the things i love/make me happy. Heres a few more:

Fields of flowers:

The cutest puppies: 

Writing in the sand:

Rows of coloured pens: 

Traditional fair grounds:


Baskets on bicycles:

Carrying a bag in the crook of my arm:

Flowers in the hair:

Johnny Depp:

Swings...if theres a swing around, i'll be on it:

Starbucks: I love all the veggie sandwiches, hot chocolate and the chocolate chunk shortbread:

The sound of a piano:

Dandelions...blowing them..:

Stone steps:

Pretty pinnys:

Sheer curtains:

Letting a ballon go, and making a wish:

Still occasionally smelling my nans chanel No.5 that sits on my dressing table:

Paris in the springtime:

Jewels and gems:

Flower covered walkways and arches:

Beautiful pink flowers:

Mountains surrounded by water:

Babies learning to walk:



maryannlucy said...

Lovely post - some many lovely things. Thank you for sharing x

♥coco rose♥ said...

I loved each and every one of those! xxxx

daisy daydreams said...

Wonderful things - great

Lyn said...

What a lovely post. I can relate to all of those things-plus a cute little kitten!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Gorgeous post!!! Lovely pics!!

Sharon xx

jackanne said...

How wonderful was that posting i loved it....x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oohh i love all of them, especially the bike basket - I NEED one, do you think I could fit Johnny Depp into it ??? And dandelions are such a fab seed head, I love watching my little girl trying to blow them (she usually sucks and ends up with a mouth of fluff :-)).

periwinkle said...

lovely list and lovely things on it - I think I'd have a really hard job doing a list like this so well done

Annie @ Birdcages n Butterflies x said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these!
What a fantastic post! Thanks for your lovely comment on mine, have a great weekend!
Johnny makes me smile lots too!!!
Annie x