Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Your it!!!

I got this great award from Mummy Boo Bear.
Thank you my dear!!! xxxx

I have to list my five current obsessions and then pass the award on.

1)Long necklaces: Every since i had my 'colours' done i have been buying loads of necklaces in all my colours to brighten up my clothes.

2)Ghost whisperer: my hubby got into it first and now i'm loving it too, plus David Conrad is yummy!!

3)Creamy cocktails and drinks: Like Baileys, Pina coladas and Giraffes silk stocking.

4)Sex and the city: we are rewatching the whole lot, getting ready for our New York trip later this year.

5)Dark chocolate: This is an ongoing obsession, i take a few squares from the fridge at all times of the day.

Now - i will pass this award on to these fab blogs:



mollycupcakes said...

Thank you lovely lady, that makes my day finding this lovely award on my post.
It's odd using the laptop to blog, so i can't wait to get my own computer up and running again. Maybe this weekend it will happen and i can share some photos of the house with everyone.
I'll do my very best to do the tag honey, my biggest obession right now is unpacking boxes lol
Thank you again honey.
Catherine x

Little Knitter Gem said...

We, too, love Ghost Whisperer. Wow!! So exciting that you're going to New York later this year!! We go in January, and I really can't wait!! :)

Gemma x x

Jackie said...

Thanks so much for leaving me an award ~ it's always a nice surprise to receive one. I keep meaning to say that I love the photo of the two little boys in your blog banner, it's wonderful :O)

lou said...

Thank you for the award, I will try and get around to doing the tag, I think I have got a few too do, I’m not very good at getting around too doing them.
It was nice to read yours…love Lou xxx

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hi, wow a trip to NYC that is serious!!!!lucky lucky you!
Sarah x

Carol said...

Congratulations on this well deserved award.
Hope that you have a fab time in NYC...lucky girl.

A Thrifty Mrs said...


I am an SATC addict, currently back onto series two in the hope of making my self save to go back to NYC.

Florence and Mary said...

Thank you for the award!!!!

I love SATC! I watched the movie the other night.

I'm so envious you are heading to NYC, I love it there. I'm hoping to head back next year with my mum.

Victoria xx

Mary Poppins said...

Thank you LL :)


LoloDesigns said...

Just been catching up with things on my blog and realised I hadn't popped over and thanked your for my award! How remiss of me! Can you forgive me? ;o) I am really chuffed that you took the time to think of me and will display it proudly.

Never been to NYC but have been to Boston which is beautiful xx