Thursday, 30 August 2012

Lake Garda part 2

The view from our apartment

Olive trees in Salo

The cable car station at the top of the mountain in Malcesine

Having fun up the mountain

Beautiful Lasize


I'm glad i saw Juliets balcony. But its not what i expected, Very touristy and tacky area.
Nothing like the film 'Letters from Juliet'

Still more to come!!



Tracy ~ If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Baked A Cake said...

Wow this looked stunning in pictures its a shame that tourist parts become too tampered with at least you visited it to see it in person. I love the picture of the lockets they have something similar in Paris. Lovely post. Tracy

Country Rabbit said...

it all looks so magical and amazzzzzzing!!!! what an adventure for you all ;0) thanks for sharing and brightening up my day! x

Deborah said...

It all looks so beautiful! thanks for sharing :)

Bee happy x

Linda said...

What an amazing place.


Hello Lisa
What a delightful holiday! You are very lucky.
I haven't heard of Malcesine for years, my first ski-ing holiday with the school... (cough cough) some 34 YEARS ago!!! was spent here, it was a lovely village and I remember using all my spending money to buy my Mum a beautiful ceramic hand painted salad bowl and matching salad servers as a gift for her...which I now have somewhere...
Back in blighty permanently and my two boys :D
Have you got your puppy yet?
Our lovely dog Stanley is still in Sweden, miss him desperately, here is coming back to live with us at the end of the month, he has his pets passport lol!