Thursday, 31 May 2012

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Phew, its been a scorcher hasn't it? Nice to cool down a bit today.

Here are my last lot of Fat Mum Slim Photo challenge pictures for May.

Something new:

Unusual: People find it unusual that i have a pacemaker - here is my little scar:

12 - o'clock: Putting the frosting on hubbies birthday cake.

Something sweet: hee hee, i was ment to picture a slice of carrot cake, but i forgot and ate it!!

The weather - hot and sunny

Number: around about 7:30/8am i turn on the radio to listen to Dave Berry and Lisa Snowden and then at 10 i switch over to Radio 1 for the rest of the day:

My personality:

Beautiful - inside and out:

Lovely things:

- Switching to a summer floral Cath Kidston bag.
- Lunch out and Pimms.
- Watching the last ever Desperate Housewives.



Country Rabbit said...

lovely sunshine...tho i hear rain is heading this way 'sigh'.
i hope you have a delightfully lovely jubilee weekend my lovely
one to remember xxxxx

magie said...

It sure was warm! I actually don't mind the cooler weather the last few days. I find the hot heat really gets to me at the moment, being in my third trimester now.
The cake looks delish!
That carrot cake must of been good :P That's the problem when trying to take a photo of something so tempting..
Have a great weekend :)