Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A gorgeous day for it!!!

On Saturday we visited the gorgeous Handmaid and vintage fair in Dedham.
I visited last year when the fair was held in a smaller venue. This year it was a lot bigger and oh so lovely.
The products sold were of such high quality, i could have spent a fortune!!!!! There was also a tea room and the most scrumptious cakes.

I took some pictures of the lovely Primchicks stall:

 What fabulous cakes!!

More stalls:

I love Dedham. It is about a 40 minute drive from us. We try and visit once or twice a year. This fair is so lovely that it is good to time it with that.
We were lucky to have fantastic weather:

 Beautiful buildings:

We stopped in the Rose tearooms for sandwiches and a cream tea:

There are a sprinkling of lovely shops:

Dedham has a gorgeous river and lots of walks.....

You can walk or take a boat all the way to Flatford:

Here are my buys from the fair - A shabby painted mirror cabinet for the downstairs loo, A gorgeous cushion for my bed and a lovely keyring:

In Dedham i bought some pretty floral cards and at the National Trust shop in Flatford i got this gorgeous tray:

Dedham and Flatford are in the Essex/Suffolk border - its a lovely day out. Try and go when its dry though as most things are outside and it is such a pretty place when the sun is shining.


Lovely things:

1) My newly painted living room.
2) Tea and shortbread.
3) Pilates helping my back pain.


Country Style Living said...

Looks a lovely place to visit and a great day out! Lovely purchases..

dosierosie said...

I went to a wedding at Dedham many years ago and remember it as being so very pretty. It's not all that far from us, really must go again. Love your buys.

vintage grey said...

Looks like such a lovely and beautiful place!! The river is gorgeous!!! Have a great day! xo Heather

Jazz said...

Wooooah all these pictures are absolutely gorgeous!
You know, the first picture under the caption 'beautiful buildings', the windows in that picture are my favourite kind of windows! That sounds so silly, but my dream house would have windows like them
Love the cushion and mirror you got as well :) xx

Liz said...

Just discovered your blog.. I love your gorgeous photos. Dedham looks lovely.

Maria said...

Hello ! just found your blog through Claire at Thriftwood...Soo lovely.I enjoyed my stay with you. Maria x